Relief Factor Review – Does it REALLY Work? (2024 Update)

Here’s our recently updated Relief Factor review, a popular joint health supplement that you can buy over the counter (OTC) to help with joint inflammation, pain, and flexibility. If you’ve seen Relief Factor reviews and ads online, you may wonder, does it really work. Is it safe to take long-term? Are there better options available? We answer these questions for you below by checking Relief Factor’s ingredients, claimed benefits, side effects, and comparing it against other leading joint health supplements on the market.

Relief Factor Review at a Glance


  • Contains omega-3s which reduce joint inflammation and symptoms of arthritis
  • Contains turmeric which is one of the best anti-inflammatory spices


  • Only 4 ingredients – lacking more proven nutrients like chondroitin, MSM, and glucosamine
  • There’s no black pepper extract to improve turmeric’s absorption
  • Contains some ineffective ingredients like Epimedium

SUMMARY: Relief Factor is a good joint health supplement – but it’s not quite the best. Relief Factor only has 2 ingredients that could help with your joint pain, stiffness, and flexibility – omega-3s and turmeric. Even that is a strech, though. Turmeric in Relief Factor isn’t accompanied by black pepper which is crucial to ensure you actually absorb the spice. Turmeric on its own doesn’t absorb very well. Relief Factor is also missing more ingredients that have been proven to improve joint function. With its relatively slim formula, the effectiveness of Relief Factor doesn’t live up to the hype it’s been getting online. It’s not bad, but for the price of $79.95 + shipping, there are definitely better supplements available if your goal is to reduce pain, stiffness, and improve your overall joint health.

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About Relief Factor

Relief Factor Review Key facts:

Benefits: Supports your body’s inflammatory response, reduces joint & muscle aches and pains
Ingredients: Turmeric, Epimedium, Omega-3s from fish oil, Japanese Fleeceflower
Company: Promedev (Michael Medved)
Price: $19.95 for the first 3 weeks (trial), from the on $79.95+shipping and handling every month

How to use Relief Factor

Relief Factor dosage directions are to take 2 packets (each containing 4 pills) daily. After your initial 3-week trial period is over, you will be automatically subscribed to the delivery of a monthly supply of Relief Factor. More on this below.

Relief Factor Ingredients

Relief Factor contains the following ingredients:

  • Epimedium (200mg)
  • Turmeric (18% Curcuminoids) (667mg)
  • Japanese Fleeceflower (96% Resveratrol) (70mg)
  • Fish Oil (1,400mg)
    • EPA (657mg)
    • DHA (253mg)

The ingredients in Relief Factor are what you’d expect from a good-quality joint supplement. However, there are a couple of issues with the formula which need to be addressed.

For one, Relief Factor is missing other proven joint health ingredients, including – glucosamine, MSM, chondroitin, bromelain, ginger, and selenium amongst others. The formula is relatively slim with just 4 active ingredients, and you won’t get the same results as with some other joint supplements.

Relief Factor also doesn’t use black pepper extract, which limits the absorption of turmeric from the supplement – in other words, you will not get the maximum benefits from turmeric.

On the positive side, we’re happy to see Omega-3 fatty acids included in Relief Factor. These have proven anti-inflammatory effects and are good for improving joint mobility. See for yourself:


We’re a bit surprised to see Epimedium included in a joint health supplement. Also known as “horny goat weed,” Epimedium is more common in male health formulas due to the herb’s ability to enhance your libido and sexual function.

However, there’s a compound in Epimedium called Icariin. Icariin is an antioxidant that has aphrodisiac effects, along with benefiting bone health. Since it can have a positive effect on bone health, we can see why Epimedium is found in Relief Factor. Still, there are definitely better natural ingredients available.


Turmeric is a spice that can be found in most Indian dishes. It has been used for centuries to flavor food and cure various ailments.

It has powerful anti-inflammatory properties, which are helpful for arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease, asthma, eczema, psoriasis and more. Turmeric has very poor oral absorption when supplemented.

In order to get the most from turmeric, most supplements will provide you with a black pepper extract which drastically boosts turmeric’s absorption.

Oddly, there’s no sight of black pepper in Relief Factor. Not only that, Relief Factor contains a turmeric extract with only 18% of its active compounds – curcuminoids – when compared to higher-quality joint supplements that have a much higher percentage of curcuminoids.

Japanese Fleeceflower

Japanese Fleeceflower is a good choice. A flowering plant, it belongs to the genus Eriocaulon and is typically found in East Asia and North America. It’s also called Purple Coneflower or Canadian Fleabane.

Japanese Fleeceflower is best known as a strong source of resveratrol. Its medicinal properties include pain relief, anti-inflammatory effects, tumor inhibition, and anti-allergic effects among others. The leaves of the plant are often dried and consumed as a tea while the roots serve as an ingredient for traditional medicine like shoyu (soy sauce).

Fish Oil

This is the best ingredient in Relief Factor as far as joint health is concerned.

Fish oil is rich in so-called omega-3 fatty acids. These include EPA and DHA. These fatty acids have anti-inflammatory properties. Omega-3s have been shown to reduce inflammation and arthritis pain.

Relief Factor Reviews, Complaints, and Testimonials

While user reviews aren’t the best way to gauge how the product will work for you, it can be beneficial sometimes to check what other people are saying about it. In Relief Factor’s case, there are plenty of reviews written on it online, most of which look positive.

However, one thing many other reviews complain about is the lack of better ingredients in Relief Factor – which we agree with. While it has omega-3s and a few good other ingredients, Relief Factor is still missing a lot from its formula to be called one of the best joint health supplements around.

Does Relief Factor Have Side Effects?

Relief Factor is unlikely to cause you side effects. The supplement contains well-researched ingredients, and their doses are well within safe limits. As a result, most healthy individuals aren’t at risk of negative side effects from this supplement.

*You should check with a qualified professional if you aren’t sure whether to take this product or not. Remember, our posts aren’t meant as advice – they’re for informational and entertainment purposes only!

Where to Buy?

Relief Factor is available to purchase at multiple places online, with the most credible option being the manufacturer’s website –

If you’re buying Relief Factor for the first time, you will get a 3-week QuickStart supply of the product for $19.95. From then on, you will be paying $79.95 for 30 day’s worth of the product + $6.95 for shipping and handling every month. This is an automatic subscription which you can cancel any time.

The Bottom Line

Relief Factor is a good supplement; but just because it’s been heavily marketed online, doesn’t mean it’s the best out there. Relief Factor contains some good ingredients like omega-3 fatty acids and turmeric, but it also has ingredients like Epimedium which aren’t that effective for reducing joint pain or improving joint health. It’s also ood that the turmeric is not accompanied by a black pepper extract which is essential for turmeric’s absorption.There’s actually a lot missing from Relief Factor for it to be called one of the very best supplements you can buy for your joints on sale today.

There are a good number of Relief Factor competitors on the market right now that offer better value for money in terms of the effectiveness of the ingredients, safety, and long-term joint support. If these are your main goals, we’d suggest checking other options before buying Relief Factor.

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