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Welcome to PDPPro.com!

We’re a team of nutritionists & fitness enthusiasts, looking to give you latest and up to date information from the world of wellness and performance optimization.

Currently, our main focus is on writing sports & brain nutrition articles, supplement buying guides and reviews. Due to the misinformation in the supplement market, some of our team members have had bad experiences with supplements in the past.

Because of this, and because of our passion for what we do, we decided to offer impartial and honest reviews on products in order to help you find the right choice for you.

Our earnings primarily come from affiliate programs. We only work with transparent, trusrtworthy, and highly reputable companies. We test their products the same way as any other, and through scientific research on their ingredients and our own personal analysis, we decide whether they make it on our top 5 list or not.

Our only factor when deciding which supplements make the cut is quality, not the commissions or money! We stay away from scam products and trial these supplements for 3-5 weeks minimum.

The PDPPro Content Creator Team

Meet the people that helped create the site you see today.

Mark Brown

Mark Brown

Mark is from Syney Australia. He’s a professional reviewer and writer with a background in bodybuilding and MMA. He’s been specializing in digestive health, weight loss and supplements since 2013 and has published countless articles about keeping in shape and staying healthy.

Mark has a natural flair for writing science-backed, fact-checked reviews and has already documented the summaries of more than 800 different types of supplements.

Apart from boasting a deep knowledge of weight loss and gut health ingredients, Mark is a analysis expert and researcher who backs his articles with relevant academic papers.

Andrei M.

Kresimir M.

Andrei M. is PDPPro’s very own “Mr” Nutrition and you’ve got to pity the fool that tries to slip cheap supplements and ineffective ingredients past this keen-eyed man of a muscle.

He believes 80% of supplements don’t work and goes into his product analysis expecting the worst. He’s originally from Moldova but now lives in San Francisco, USA.

Andrei has got a Master’s Degree in Food Engineering and Technology from the Faculty of Food Technology, Moldova. Studying there between 2013-2019. He’s also a competitive athlete who’s spent most of his life mastering nutrition & sports performance.

Andrei brings a unique blend of expertise and knowledge to the PDPPro staff. Nothing that he’s learned has gone to waste.

He’s written for some of the leading sites in the bodybuilding and fitness world, and loves to help people get results.

Mia Barber

Mia Barber

Mia is from Leeds, UK, and is a journalist and holistic lifestyle practitioner with a passion for ‘nootropics,’ also known as natural brain supplements.

She also has over 5 years of experience in reviewing female vitality and sleep supplements. Her background gives her a valuable insight into how to optimize sleep, memory, mood and cognitive performance.

Mia’s talent and journalistic skill allows her to share her knowledge in an easy to digest, effective way.

Being proficient in three languages, Mia has written articles and reviews on supplements technology and ingredients in English, Russian, and French.

Jimmy Collins

prof jimmy collins

Jimmy is a man who wears many hats. He’s from Dallas, USA.

Apart from being the person who’s put PDPPro online and recruited the writers, he also edits and publishes most of the content you see on the site.

Jimmy specializes in testosterone and male vitality formulas, as well as writing reviews on multivitamins, immunity supplements, and general health products.

As the site administrator, Jimmy has the responsibility of triple-checking all of the content before it goes live.

He’s the guy that keeps order and manages website content production strategy.

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