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Welcome to PDPPro.com!

We’re a team of nutritionists & fitness enthusiasts, looking to give you the latest and up-to-date information from the world of wellness and performance optimization.

Currently, our main focus is on sports & brain nutrition articles, supplement buying guides, and reviews. Due to the misinformation in the supplement market, it’s common for people to have bad experiences with supplements nowadays.

Because of this, and because of our passion for what we do, we decided to offer impartial and honest reviews on products in order to help you find the right choice for you.

Our earnings primarily come from affiliate programs. We only work with transparent, trustworthy, and highly reputable companies. We test their products the same way as any other, and through scientific research on their ingredients and our own personal analysis, we decide whether they make it on our top 5 list or not.

Our only factor when deciding which supplements make the cut is quality, not the commissions or money! We stay away from scam products and analyze these supplements thoroughly before drawing our conclusions.