Should You Drink Pre-Workout Fast or Slow? Sipping vs Chugging Explained

Sipping vs Chugging a Pre-Workout - an Example Showcased by a Fit Woman on a Bike

With the fitness industry growing more and more rapidly, so is the number of people who are interested in fitness supplements – pre-workouts are often on top of that list.

A pre-workout supplement is a substance that you consume before your workout to give you more energy and endurance during your workout. It allows you to push yourself harder and longer than what you would be able to do on your own.

Pre-workouts can be found in various forms such as powders, capsules, and bars. They can also be found in different flavors such as fruit punch, tropical punch, chocolate raspberry, grapefruit citrus etc.

A pre-workout is an effective way to motivate yourself to get to the gym – and train harder once there.

However, many people wonder, should you drink pre-workout fast or slow? In other words, should you sip or chug a pre-workout supplement?

The short answer is: Drinking pre-workout fast and slow each has its pros and cons. In the case of sipping a pre-workout, you’re absorbing the stimulants a lot slower than you would from chugging, which means the effects won’t kick in as hard. The effects of drinking a pre-workout slow will be smoother but you may not get the same energy boost compared to chugging the full serving of a pre-workout. The most important part is to choose a quality pre-workout, which will ensure optimal and long-lasting effects regardless of how you choose to drink it.

Below, we will be explaining in more detail the science behind how pre-workouts work, and how drinking a pre-workout a certain way can sometimes significantly affect how the pre-workout works for you.

Let’s dive in!

How do Pre-Workout Supplements Work?

The goal of a pre-workout supplement is to increase the levels of adrenaline and other substances that will give you an energy boost.

There are two main types of pre-workout supplements: stimulant and non-stimulant. Stimulant supplements increase your heart rate, blood pressure, and metabolism by stimulating the central nervous system. Non-stimulant supplements usually rely more on ingredients like Citrulline, Betaine, and Arginine which work by increasing your nitric oxide levels which improves blood flow to the muscles.

Other common ingredients you’ll find in pre-workout supplements are caffeine, creatine, beta-alanine, and carbohydrates. These ingredients work together to provide an increased level of energy and focus.

When you ingest a pre-workout, the first ingredients that you should feel working are the stimulants (provided you’ve taken a stim-containing pre-workout!). After that, the blood flow enhancers kick in, giving you that fuller and rounder ‘feel’ when working out. Ingredients such as L-Tyrosine and Alpha GPC tend to kick in around this time as well, elevating your mental focus and motivation to see the training session through.

What are the Advantages of Drinking Pre-Workout Fast?

Drinking almost any substance faster will result in stronger effects as it gets absorbed rapidly by your system. Just think of taking a shot of vodka as opposed to drinking a beer slowly – the former will start working much faster and the effects will be stronger.

The same thing is with pre-workout supplements.

When you drink a pre-workout fast, it will quickly get absorbed into your bloodstream, resulting in a higher peak concentration of stimulants in your blood. With this, you should feel a more significant effect than if you would drink it slowly.

Another advantage is that it will help you get more intense workouts in less time, which can mean more muscle gains in the long term.

The benefits of drinking a pre-workout supplement fast are not limited to increased energy levels and improved workout performance, either. Pre-workouts also provide an excellent opportunity for weight loss because they suppress appetite and make it easier to stick with your diet plan.

However, there is a caveat to this. The disadvantage of drinking a pre-workout fast – especially the one that has stimulants – is that it can also lead to a “crash” later on, and the effects may not last you as long as sipping on a pre-workout.

What are the Advantages of Drinking Pre-Workout Slow?

The main advantage of drinking a pre-workout supplement slow is that it gives your body time to absorb the ingredients, which often makes the supplement’s effects smoother and longer-lasting.

Some people think that they need to drink their pre-workout supplement quickly in order to get the benefits of it. But this is not the case. In fact, for some individuals, it is better to drink their pre-workout supplement slowly because it will allow for an increased absorption rate.

When you slowly sip on a pre-workout that has caffeine or other stimulants, the body will have more time to process the stimulants, reducing the likelihood of jitters, anxiety, or energy crashes when the effects start to wear off.

To Sip a Pre-Workout or to Chug a Pre-Workout?

Ultimately, the answer depends on what you are looking for.

If you want to get quick and strong effects from a pre-workout supplement, it’s best to chug it 15-20 minutes before your training session.

But if you’re someone who is sensitive to pre-workouts and want the effects to be smoother and longer-lasting, then sipping a pre-workout is a better idea. Drinking a pre-workout slowly can reduce the risk of side effects such as jitters and crashes.

Wrapping Up

So there you have it, this was our piece on sipping a pre-workout vs chugging it quickly.

If you are new to pre-workouts, it’s best to start slowly to get a feel of how they will work for you.

It is also important to remember that not all pre-workouts are the same. If a pre-workout uses low-quality and ineffective ingredients, you can chug it as fast as you want, it won’t work! In the worst case, it might lead to negative side effects from cheap ingredients.

Therefore, it’s important to pick a good pre-workout in the first place. By doing so, you ensure long-lasting and smooth effects, regardless of how slowly or how fast you decide to drink it!

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