Neuriva vs Lion’s Mane: Which is Better?

Neuriva vs Lion's Mane

Neuriva vs Lion’s Mane: which one should you take for improving brain health? Which one is safer and more effective? Which one is better value for money? These are just some of the questions we will be looking into today.

Neuriva vs Lion’s Mane – The Basics

About Neuriva

Neuriva is a brain performance supplement – also known as a nootropic – from Schiff Vitamins. It is a completely safe and legal nootropic that you can buy over the counter to naturally support your memory, focus, and cognitive function across the board.

At least, this is what Schiff Vitamins, the massive supplement manufacturer from the U.S. claims Neuriva can do for you. In a moment, we’re going to break down the science behind the ingredients in Neuriva as well as compare Neuriva to Lion’s Mane in terms of the results you can expect.

Neuriva comes in capsules or gummies. It also comes in different versions, such as Neuriva Plus, which has some additional B vitamins in the formula that work to further support your brain health.

Today, we are going to compare Neuriva to Lion’s Mane in terms of studies on their effectiveness and safety.

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About Lion’s Mane

Lion’s Mane is a type of mushroom that has been used to increase the production of nerve cells in the brain. It can also reduce anxiety, depression, and even Alzheimer’s.

In Japanese culture, this type of mushroom is known as Yamabushitake, which means “mountain warrior.”

This mushroom is a nootropic because it can improve cognitive function and cognitive abilities such as memory and focus. One study found that Lion’s Mane was able to activate the production of nerve growth factor (NGF) in mice with Alzheimer’s disease, which led to improved behavior and cognition (Fushiki et al., 2017).

In mice without Alzheimer’s disease, these same studies found that Lion’s Mane could not promote NGF or improve behavior or cognition.

In terms of human studies, Lion’s Mane is still not the most researched nootropic out there. But based on the current evidence, it looks promising. Many people who take Lion’s Mane report an increase in their mental clarity and focus. This is one of the biggest benefits that is most often reported about Lion’s Mane. Some people also report a lift in depressive symptoms.

However, current findings suggest that these benefits disappear after stopping Lion’s Mane supplementation.

Neuriva vs Lion’s Mane – Effectiveness for Brain Health

Between Neuriva and Lion’s Mane, which one is going to give you more benefits?

In the case of Neuriva, it contains 2 ingredients – Phosphatidylserine and Coffee Fruit Extract. Phosphatidylserine (PS) is a phospholipid found in your brain cells. It governs brain cell function, fluidity, and overall brain cell health.

Needless to say, PS is a vital compound in your brain. As you age, your PS levels slowly decline, which can result in loss of memory and overall cognitive decline. Supplementing PS has been shown to help offset some of these symptoms as well as reduce your mental stress levels. However, if you’re a younger person (below 60 or 70), PS may not have a substantial effect on your brain function.

Most people take PS to help protect brain health long-term, but it doesn’t do much on its own in terms of effects.

That leaves us with only one other ingredient in Neuriva – Coffee Fruit Extract. This is unfortunately an unproven compound, as we don’t know which part of the coffee fruit is extracted. Some studies show that coffee fruit can boost your BDNF levels, which results in higher concentration of brain cells being “born.” This, in turn, may lead to improved memory, ability to recall and process information, and enhanced focus.

The problem is, these studies have been done on a different type of coffee fruit than what is in Neuriva. In studies, the researchers used whole coffee fruit powder, and Neuriva uses an extract. Anything can be extracted from the plant – fiber, water, trace vitamins, anything! As a result, we can’t tell if Neuriva’s coffee fruit does anything for brain health at all.

Having that in mind, we think Lion’s Mane is a superior option. It is better studied, it has more pronounced effects on your focus and mental clarity, and it is completely safe. That said, Lion’s Mane alone can only do so much for you. If you are really committed to improving your brain function (and protecting it as you age), you should research other proven nootropic ingredients that work synergistically with Lion’s Mane to improve all areas of your brain function.

Luckily, there are plenty of brain supplements out there that use more than just 2 ingredients (we’re looking at you, Neuriva!), ones that have been shown in reputable studies to improve focus, memory, mental energy, and brain cell regeneration among other benefits. These are the brain supplements you should look for. The best ones will use not only Lion’s Mane, but a multitude of other effective and natural brain health compounds to maximize your productivity and mental sharpness.

Neuriva vs Lion’s Mane – Safety

Neither Neuriva nor Lion’s Mane should cause any side effects if you’re sticking to the dosage recommendations from the manufacturer.

Neuriva uses safe ingredients. Lion’s Mane is also well-studied and isn’t known to cause major adverse reactions in most people.

Neuriva vs Lion’s Mane – Cost

Neuriva costs around $32.99 on its official website, but the price varies depending on the version of Neuriva you choose.

Lion’s Mane price depends on which brand you’re looking to buy from as well as the type of Lion’s Mane (e.g. an extract or a whole mushroom powder). The price can range anywhere from $10 for really cheap Lion’s Mane supplements (we don’t recommend these), up to $120 or more. Do your diligent research when buying Lion’s Mane as many supplements tend to use lower-quality ones that were grown on grain – this type of Lion’s Mane is a waste of money.

The Bottom Line

Between Neuriva and Lion’s Mane, the better value for money is Lion’s Mane. It is more researched than the ingredients in Neuriva, it is extremely safe, and it should have a more noticeable effect on your memory and focus.

If you’re really serious about improving your brain health, though, then neither Neuriva nor Lion’s Mane will do it. While Neuriva is missing many of the core ingredients that are found in the best brain supplements, Lion’s Mane alone is not potent enough to give you extraordinary results.

With a little research, you can find nootropics that use Lion’s Mane together with other proven ingredients. The synergistic effects of combining multiple nootropics together are far superior to what you’d get from Neuriva or Lion’s Mane alone.

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