Phynova Joint and Muscle Relief Review – Do These Tablets Really Work?

Phynova Joint and Muscle Relief Review

Phynova Joint and Muscle Relief Summarized


  • The active ingredient in the tablets may potentially alleviate joint pain


  • Contains only one active ingredient
  • The active ingredient is underresearched and may not work at all – it may also cause side effects
  • Lack of other proven compounds for joint flexibility, inflammation, cartilage healing, and connective tissue protection


Phynova Joint & Muscle Relief is a plant-based supplement intended to help you get rid of joint pain 100-percent naturally. The problem with it is, that it relies on only one ingredient to achieve its goal. Not only that, the ingredient Phynova Joint & Muscle Relief uses (Indian Weed, aka St. Paul’s Wort) is completely unproven – there is little to no human research on it. We seriously doubt it can help with joint pain and arthritis as much as the manufacturer would like you to believe. Even though it costs 19GBP for a month’s supply, we consider it to be a poor value for money when compared to more effective and better-researched joint supplements on the market.

What do we recommend?

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About Phynova Joint and Muscle Relief

Phynova Joint & Muscle Pain Relief Tablets are an MHRA-licensed OTC product made to relieve you of backache, minor sports injuries, rheumatoid arthritis symptoms, and muscular pains completely naturally.

A product sold exclusively for the U.K. customers, Phynova Joint & Muscle Pain Relief contains the key active ingredient Sigesbeckia extract, which is derived from a plant that has traditionally been used to help manage symptoms of arthritis.

But how will these herbal tablets work for you?

Read on as we analyze the product’s ingredient formula in-depth to see what the evidence says about it.

What’s Inside?

Here is the ingredient label of Phynova Joint & Muscle Pain Relief Tablets;

As you’ll notice, there is only one active ingredient in Phynova Joint & Muscle Relief Tablets: Sigesbeckia Orientalis L. subsp. pubescens aerial parts (500mg of dry extract).

Another, less fancy name for this plant is Indian Weed or common St. Paul’s Wort (not to be mixed with St. John’s Wort – two totally different herbs!).

So, what exactly is this ingredient in Phynova’s tablets and what can it do for you? What do the studies say about St. Paul’s Wort, and is it really an effective joint pain aid?

For starters, St. Paul’s Wort is a type of yellow flowering weed that grows widely throughout Australia, Asia, and Africa. People have traditionally used this plant to treat their joint and muscle pain, sciatica, arthritis, as well as to lower blood pressure.

Unfortunately, there are no reputable clinical studies conducted yet on humans to verify these claims. There have only been some animal studies which have shown promising results, but we can’t recommend you St. Paul’s Wort based on these limited findings alone.

In other words, the only ingredient in Phynova Joint & Muscle Relief is an underresearched one. Although there are some rumors from people that it works for joint pain, there is next to no documented human evidence of that being the case. What’s more concerning, there is no information on how St. Paul’s Wort may work for you in terms of side effects, especially when taken consistently long-term.

Our Thoughts on the Ingredients in Phynova Joint and Muscle Relief

Even if St. Paul’s Wort worked for joint pain, it still doesn’t address other important aspects of joint health & movement, such as cartilage protection, connective tissue repair, and chronic inflammation. All of these benefits would need to come from multiple proven natural ingredients combined, such as MSM, glucosamine, selenium, and bromelain to name a few.

With just one ingredient alone, Phynova Joint & Muscle Relief formula is lacking a lot more “firepower” to be considered a serious competitor to market-leading joint supplements.

Dosage Instructions (How to Take)

You should take 2 Phynova Joint & Muscle Relief tablets with little water or other beverage of choice. Ideally, you will want to take one tablet in the morning and one in the night.

Phynova Joint & Muscle Relief tablets don’t need to be taken with a meal; that said, if you experience stomach discomfort you can try taking tablets with food to see if that solves the issue. If it does not, discontinue use and check with your doctor before taking the product again.

What do Others Say?

Phynova Joint & Muscle Relief tablets are only sold at Holand’s and Barret when it comes to online stores, so you’ll find that the reviews are limited.

The product has a score of 4.1 out of 5 stars with just 34 reviews on the website. It’s difficult to say which of these “testimonials” are real and which ones are paid ads or fake reviews written by competitors to taint the product’s image.

That said, here is what some of the people had to say about this supplement;

“No side effects which is good, not sure about pain relief though.” Holland & Barret Customer

“Muscle pain on hold, haven’t yet taken enough tablets to give a verdict.Hope it brings relief to pain in my hands and arms.”Holland & Barret Customer

“I bought this, took religiously for 3 weeks & no difference noted. – Holland & Barret Customer

What are the Negative Effects of Phynova Joint and Muscle Relief?

We haven’t come across too many reports of side effects from Phynova Joint & Muscle Relief tablets. Still, that doesn’t mean that you won’t experience any.

The main ingredient in the formula is underresearched, which means we don’t only know whether it’s effective or not, but also if it is safe for daily use.

Cost & Value

A month’s worth of Phynova Joint & Muscle Relief tablets will set you back by £19.99. The price itself is not bad, the main issue is that the product uses only one ingredient (an unproven one, at that), which puts its value under question. Any money spent on a product that doesn’t work, or worse, causes side effects, is wasted money.

Phynova Joint and Muscle Relief Review: The Bottom Line

Phynova Joint & Muscle Relief is a product that leaves a lot of questions unanswered. Is it effective? Is it safe? Is it a good value for money?

Since there are no credible human studies on the product and its ingredients, it’s difficult to say. We don’t think it will be effective for your joint pain, let alone improving flexibility, cartilage repair, or connective tissue protection. It would need more ingredients to achieve this!

In our opinion, it’s best to do more research before you commit to this product – as enticing as its low price might be.

There are better and more researched joint supplements to be found on the market today.

What do we recommend?

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