The Best Prebiotics & Gut Health Supplements in 2024 – Our Top Picks

best prebiotic supplements of this year

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Looking to naturally relieve constipation, reduce bloating, control appetite, and improve your comfort and digestion? Here we have our current top 2 recommended gut health supplements.

When most people think of supplements, typically it’s either multivitamins or protein powders. However, the gut is the one area of the body that we often neglect, which is ironic, because “all disease begins in the gut.”

The best gut health supplements work by nourishing your gut with certain nutrients or compounds, as well as by reducing chronic inflammation that is behind many of the digestive issues people have today.

It is important to know that like any supplement, prebiotics & gut health supplements are not miracle products. You need to have your foundations right for them to give you optimal results. By combining the following gut health supplements with a diet that works for you and regular exercise, you should notice an improvement in your BMs & and digestive ease.

The following prebiotic gut health supplements also have the ability to improve your energy levels, weight loss, appetite control, mood, and cognitive well-being. Your gut is directly connected to your brain via the vagus nerve, which means that if you keep your gut healthy you will also feel more positive, with sharper focus and mental clarity. Your energy levels will also stay high as you will be digesting and absorbing nutrients more efficiently; resulting in more balanced blood sugar levels throughout the day.

There are a lot of ineffective and downright scam products on the market today. You should research the ingredients in every product you come across – including the ones featured on this list – and the company that makes it.

With that being said, we can testify that the following prebiotic gut health supplements use high-quality natural ingredients, in clinically studied dosages, offer amazing value for money, and enjoy excellent reviews from people across the world.

What are Prebiotics, and what Probiotics?

To start with, we should get to know what prebiotics are, what probiotics are, and their difference. This is important because you’ll often come across these ingredients in gut health supplements. Knowing how they work and which ones work is crucial in finding the right supplement for you.

Prebiotics are plant substances that feed the bacteria that are living in your gut.

Typically, the best gut health supplements use special types of prebiotics that, unlike prebiotics that you’d eat in refined grains or vegetables, don’t cause digestive issues. The prebiotics featured in this guide do the opposite – improving every aspect of digestive function from nutrient absorption to blood sugar regulation, to the regularity of your bowel movements.

Prebiotics are often thrown together with probiotics in the same sentence even though they’re nothing alike. Probiotics are living bacteria & yeast that are beneficial to your gut health. Your gut naturally contains entire colonies of probiotics.

Probiotics are also found in food such as kimchi, sauerkraut, and yogurt. By eating probiotic foods, you are bringing new bacteria into your gut. Unlike prebiotics, probiotics don’t feed nor strengthen your existing beneficial gut bacteria.

An example of prebiotic food is kale or beans – these foods contain high amounts of fiber. Fiber acts as a prebiotic and feeds your gut bacteria.

The best prebiotic supplements will selectively feed the most beneficial species of bacteria in your intestines while leaving the less helpful bacteria to starve. This means that the prebiotics featured here work to give you the digestive benefits without any negative side effects that you’d typically associate with common dietary fiber or prebiotics.

The bottom line is: Probiotics add foreign bacteria strains, while prebiotics feed your already existing gut bacteria.

Prebiotics vs Probiotics

So, which one is better: prebiotics and probiotics?

Which should you take as a supplement in order to restore your gut health and improve digestion?

At PDPPro, we believe that there is no single answer to this question, as for some people probiotics can do wonders, while for others they can give them only side effects. Your digestion is unique which means you will need to do a little experimenting with both probiotics and prebiotics to see which works better for you. With that being said, we will be focusing on the best prebiotics in this guide.

Quality prebiotic supplements can significantly improve your digestion, reduce bloating, and promote your energy levels.

Since our gut is directly linked to the rest of the body, prebiotics can have a massive benefit on your immune function, mental performance, and even weight maintenance.

Prebiotics provide these benefits by feeding your good gut bacteria with nutritious food. In turn, these bacteria regulate a whole host of health processes that help you look good and feel healthy.

By strengthening your native gut bacteria, prebiotics serve as a safe, reliable, and healthy way to optimize different areas of your health and performance at the same time.

The Best Prebiotic Supplements

To help you pick the right prebiotic gut health supplement for your goals, we’ve scoured, reviewed, and ranked the most effective and best-value prebiotics on sale today.

Important note: we did not use these prebiotic supplements ourselves, but we analyzed their ingredient profiles, comparing them against the available scientific evidence to see what effects you can expect from them. The good thing about supplements today is that there are studies for almost every ingredient written up online, which makes it easy for us to give you a good idea about how the supplement may work for you.

We really go in-depth in our individual reviews on PDPPro, but here are the basics of what we look for in a good prebiotic supplement:

  • Natural formula – no unnecessary fillers, or worse, additives that cause side effects
  • Featuring the most effective ingredients – delivered in clinically researched doses
  • Healthy for daily use – needs to offer long-term gut health support
  • Produced by a reputable company – must be cGMP approved and manufactured to the highest standards.
  • Great value for money – Must offer premium quality without breaking the bank
  • Trustworthy – The manufacturer needs to have years of experience in the industry and be respected in their field.

Using these criteria, we’re able to show you the best prebiotic supplements that can stand up to the big names on the market.

#1 Overall – Performance Lab Prebiotic

“Effective at improving digestion, supporting weight loss, and contributing to healthy blood sugar and energy levels during the day.”

Performance Lab Prebiotic

Performance Lab Prebiotic is an innovative gut health supplement developed by Opti-Nutra, a specialist supplement company based in the U.K. Performance Lab Prebiotic’s wide range of benefits makes it an excellent choice not only for people looking to improve their gut health, but also for those who want to support their daily energy, mood, and immune defenses.

This supplement boasts excellent reviews and some of the best ratings out of any gut health supplement on the market.

Performance Lab Prebiotic is designed to help you with:

  • Efficient digestion process & nutrient utilization
  • Immunity enhancement
  • Reduced stress & anxiety
  • Cognitive support
  • Stable blood glucose
  • Easier weight control
  • Maintaining healthy cholesterol levels

The main ingredient in Performance Lab Prebiotic is Inulin-FOS. It has been shown to specifically nourish the Bifidobacterium strain in the human gut. Bifidobacterium is shown to influence a wide range of physical and cognitive processes – including relieving symptoms of depression.

Inulin-FOS is also extremely light and easily digestible. Performance Lab Prebiotic packs it all in vegan capsules made of fermented tapioca. In other words, you shouldn’t have to worry about digestive upset or other side effects common with cheap fiber supplements.

At $35 per month’s supply, we can’t ask for much more. If you’re looking for the highest-quality gut health supplement with safe and clinically studied ingredients, get your hands on the supply of Performance Lab Prebiotic.


  • Patented, high-quality ingredients
  • 100% natural formula with no added fillers or synthetic junk
  • Strengthens Bifidobacterium probiotics in your gut
  • Easy to take – 3 capsules with your first meal of the day
  • Respected company
  • Fast worldwide shipping
  • Awesome bulk-buy deals


  • Only available on its official website

Interested in Performance Lab Prebiotic?


#2 – Olly Probiotic + Prebiotic Gummies

Olly Probiotic+Prebiotic gummies are not only convenient to take, they’re also a solid option for anyone looking to support their gut health.

Containing a mixture of live bacteria and friendly fiber, Olly Gummies provides the benefits of a probiotic while at the same time feeding your existing gut bacteria to enhance your immunity, digestion, and blood sugar levels.

If you want to keep things “balanced and moving in the right direction,” Olly Gummies could be a good option. The price is $13.99 per bottle (30 gummies), which makes it a cheaper alternative to Performance Lab Prebiotic. Although Olly Gummies may not be as effective, they’re still a decent option if you aren’t able to afford anything better at the moment.

The risk of side effects is also low. That said, if you have an extremely sensitive stomach, you may experience nausea and diarrhea as is typical with some probiotics.

The good news, though, is that Olly Probiotic+Prebiotic gummies are completely natural – including the flavors! Much like with Performance Lab Prebiotic, you don’t have to worry about harmful junk or any synthetic ingredients here.


  • Good flavor according to most customers
  • Convenient and easy to take
  • Supports your gut in two ways – by bringing new bacteria and by feeding your existing microbiome
  • Affordable


  • A slightly higher risk of side effects due to a probiotic+prebiotic combination
  • The prebiotics used aren’t as high-quality as those in PLab Prebiotic

Visit Olly’s Website

Safety – Are Prebiotics free of side effects?

In general, prebiotics are extremely safe if you’re a healthy person.

You won’t find many people who complain about negative reactions to taking prebiotics. After all, we’re talking about plant-based fiber compounds. Most of us already eat these foods on a daily basis without having any problems.

That said, some of the supplements on this list use special forms of fiber that are not usually found in the everyday human diet as they have been shown to have some additional health benefits.

If you’re extremely sensitive to prebiotics specifically – which is rare – there is a possibility of some minor side effects. These include;

  • Gas
  • Bloating
  • Cramps
  • Constipation

Even if you’re sensitive, these side effects typically only occur in the first week or two of taking a prebiotic supplement. As your body gets used to prebiotics, you should start noticing the positive long-term effects on your health.

That said, remember to talk to your doctor if you have any questions or concerns. Our posts are not medical advice. Our goal is to share science-backed information with you in a format that is easily digestible (no pun intended!) – if you are ever in need of medical advice, a qualified MD is the best person to ask.

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