Penetrex Review 2024 – My Thoughts, Read Before Buying!

Penetrex Review - Does it Really Work? Is it Safe?

Here is our Penetrex pain relief cream review. Our team is going to analyze this cream’s ingredients to see how it compares to other options on the market when it comes to joint pain relief, joint function & mobility, and long-range health and function.

Penetrex Review at a Glance


  • Natural and safe
  • No harsh odours
  • Vanishing smell
  • May provide some short-term relief from joint pain


  • Not as effective as joint health supplements
  • Some key ingredients in the cream are more studied in the context of oral supplementation, rather than topical application
  • Our experience was disappointing, with positive effects only lasting about a week
  • No ingredient dosage information available anywhere on the product, nor on the official website

SUMMARY: Penetrex may be one of the more hyped joint relief creams out there, but it’s far from the best in our opinion. It uses numerous ingredients in undisclosed dosages, so you can’t see how much is in the product. This obviously makes it impossible to know how effective the ingredients in Penetrex are. If you’re looking for long-range support against stiffness and pain, any of the current market-leading joint health supplements would blow Penetrex out of the water.

What do we recommend?

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About Penetrex

Penetrex Review: Key Facts

BenefitsRelieves joint and muscle pain, promotes recovery
IngredientsArnica, Vitamin B6, MSM, Indian Frankincense, Glucosamine, CMOs, Dimethicone,…
CompanyBiomax Health Products, LLC
AvailabilityAmazon, Manufacturer’s Website
Pricing$34.95(4 Oz. tub)

Penetrex pain cream is a topical cream used to relieve stiffness associated with inflammation. Penetrex is used for:

  • Arhtritis and tendinitis
  • Tennis and golfer’s elbow
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Skeenspalke
  • Plantar fasciitis

Penetrex is applied directly to your target area on skin. Its emulsifying formula is designed to penetrate the skin without getting through your digestive system – resulting in a decrease in pain.

Sounds rather simple and promising. But does it really work?

Let’s take a closer look – read on.

Penetrex Pain Relief Cream – How Does it Work?

The three key ingredients of Penetrex are said to work together to heal and rejuvenate your joints. Rather than masking the pain, these ingredients in Penetrex reportedly act directly on the cause of your pain – inflammation. The end result is lasting relief.

Applied to the skin, these ingredients quickly and easily absorb into your blood, improving blood circulation in inflamed areas in the process. However, we’re interested to see if these claims really are true – and if the active ingredients in Penetrex really do absorb effectivelly through your skin and cause the aforementioned benefits.

Generally speaking, joint supplements are seen as superior than creams due to their higher bioavailability and mechanism of action. Typically, creams don’t provide nowhere near the benefit of a joint health pill, which contains active ingredients that are better metabolised by your liver.

So, as we’ve repeated, it will be interesting to see just how Penetrex aims to achieve what it plans, and how its effects compare to tried and tested joint supplements.

How do we aim to find that out? It’s by inspecting the main active ingredients and the science behind them – as well as sharing our own experience using the cream. We’ll touch upon all that and more in the sections that follow.

About the Company

Penetrex’s manufacturer is Biomax Health Products, LLC, a general health and wellness product manufacturer. If you have any questions for the manufacturer, you can contact the company at:

  • Phone Number: (800) 541-3550
  • Address: 14844 Fisher Cove
  • Del Mar, CA 92014
  • Email: [email protected]

The company doesn’t appear on the Better Business Bureau, though they don’t seem to have had any ongoing lawsuits or formal complaints at the time of writing.

How to use Penetrex (Directions)

Official instructions for using Penetrex are to add cream to and thoroughly massage the desired area for 1-2 minutes. The manufacturer recommends repeating this process 3-4 times every day for the initial 7-10 days.

They say that once symptoms start to subside, you can gradually reduce the number of Penetrex applications daily until you use it as needed.

According to the company, Penetrex is especially beneficial if you use it before the discomfort or pain period, such as before going to sleep or exercising.

How long does it take for Penetrex to work? There are is no time frame for how long it takes Penetrex to provide the expected results, mainly due to the fact that symptoms vary greatly from person to person. Some people might experience immediate relief from using Penetrex, while others find the benefits to accumulate after weeks of use.

On a personal note, Penetrex started showing some of its benefits 2 weeks into my usage of the product. However, as I’ll share in detail below, the effects were underwhelming to put it mildly (no pun intented).

Penetrex Ingredients

Penetrex ingredients list is long and contains a variety of ingredients – some well-researched, some not so well. The ingredients are all together in a proprietary blend, so you don’t see the exact dose of the formula. This makes it difficult to assess the safety and efficacy of the product.

Penetrex Ingredients

Many of Penetrex’s ingredients – shea butter, aloe vera – are used in normal skin creams and have no proven effects on joint or muscle health. Therefore, we won’t cover these ingredients in the review.

Their website specifically highlights several ingredients, including Arnica, Vitamin B6, MSM, Indian Frankincense, Glucosamine, CMOs and Dimethicone. These are the ones we’re going to focus on.

1. Arnica

Arnica is an herb whose flowers are used as an analgesic for swelling, arhtiritis, and bruising of muscles and joints. It’s a good ingredient, though its dosage is not shown on the label so there’s no way to know if it’s correctly dosed.

2. Pyridoxine

Pyridoxine is a synthetic form of vitamin B6 used to treat peripheral neuropathy and other symptoms of deficiency. Very few people are vitamin B6 deficient due to its abundance in the human diet.

Vitamin B6 is more effective when used as an oral supplement anyway. Used in a cream, it won’t help you much with joint pain or stifness – certainly not as the poorly bioavailable pyridoxine. A superior form of vitamin B6 that should be used is pyridoxal-5-phosphate, also known as P5P.

3. CMO

CMO is an animal-derived compound that is commonly taken for relieving pain associated with rheumatoid athritis and osteoarhtiris. It works to lubricate your joints and reduce inflammation. It’s also fairly safe and not known to cause side effects. Obviously, the effects of CMO are dose-dependant, much like any other ingredient in the formula. There’s no way to tell how this ingredient will work for you as its dosage is undisclosed.

4. Glucosamine

Glucosamine is an amino sugar that is used for many purposes, including the treatment of arthritis. It is available in pill form, but most people use it topically as a cream.

The effectiveness of glucosamine topical creams has been studied for years, but there are still some questions about their efficacy. The debate over whether oral supplements are better than topical creams continues, with research generally showing supplements to have more reliable effects.

One study found that glucosamine in cream form was only mildly effective at reducing knee pain when compared to oral supplements in pill form. A different study found that the enzymes released by the body when taking oral supplements were more effective than those released when using a glucosamine cream on arthritic joints.

According to WebMD, if you’re suffering from joint pain, glucosamine is definitely one of the options to consider, but preferably in the pill form.

5. MSM

MSM is one of our favorite ingredients in joint health supplements. Also called Methylsulfonylmethane, it has several benefits such as reducing osteoarthritis and enhanced immune function.

The problem with MSM, much like other with other ingredients in Penetrex, is that it’s dosage isn’t shown. For all we know, the manufacturer could’ve put miniscule doses of MSM and other key ingredients while stuffing the product with cheap fillers to save on production costs. We wouldn’t be surprised as many manufacturers do this nowadays!

This is why our reviews keep driving home the importance of staying away from proprietary blend and choosing products that are fully transparent and have no problems disclosing you everything on the label.

6. Dimethicone

Although the Penetrex’s manufacturer claims this to be one of the “key ingredients” in the formula, it’s only a filler. Dimethicone is used in many lotions to give a smooth feel. Some manufacturers claim Dimethicone can help against wrinkles and skin ageing, though this is yet to be proven by human evidence.

Our Commentary on Penetrex’s Ingredients

Penetrex contains some of our favorite ingredients currently knowing to help with joint pain and flexibility. However, all these ingredients are more common in joint health supplements, with current evidence mostly focusing on their oral consumption rather than topical application.

In other worlds, although Penetrex’s active ingredients are generally well-researched as oral supplements, we don’t know how effective they are when used topically in creams.

Even if the ingredients in Penetrex did work as claimed by manufacturer, we still don’t know if they’re correctly dosed. The label doesn’t show any ingredient amounts whasoever.

My Penetrex Experience: Was it Any Good?

I’ve trialed Penetrex for one month. For the first 7 days, I strictly adhered to the manufacturer’s usage recommendations; rubbing the cream onto the pain points on my body; primarily my knees and ankles, as well as around my quadriceps and hamstrings. I did this four times per day.

The product didn’t have any effect on me initially, but after about 2 weeks, I could notice my pain wasn’t as severe as usual when I was doing heavier exercises in the gym.

But this effect only lasted for a week or so. By the end of the 3rd week, I didn’t feel any difference from using the cream (mind you, I was still taking it exactly how the manufacturer recommends).

While some will argue the benefits I experienced were due to the placebo effect, I did feel like they were significant enough to count the placebo out.

Nonetheless, I hoped Penetrex’s beneficial effects would last longer than a week. The trial ended after 4 weeks.

All things considered, using the Penetrex cream was a lackluster experience – at best. I didn’t get the benefits I expected from using this cream; compared to what I get from joint supplements I use in my daily stack.

P.S. all the joint supplements I usually take to help with pain and flexibility were put on hold 2 weeks prior to the test of Penetrex and throughout the trialing period. After I stopped using Penetrex, I reintroduced these supplements into my regimen.

Penetrex Reviews & Testimonials From Other Users

Plenty of Penetrex reviews can be found on Amazon, Walmart, and other places where it sells. For the most part, testimonials on Penetrex look positive, though there are some negative comments about the product. While there are mentions of side effects, the more common theme among negative reviews is the lack of positive effects while using the cream. Here’s what some users said about Penetrex:

“This cream is a total placebo. Absolutely no pain relief, not even a bit. Grossly overpriced and overrated. On the good side, it doesn’t stink, but that’s about all.” – Mike

“Feels nice and cool and tingly when applied and does help with pain a little, depending on what your problem is.” – Sophie

“It seems to work, but it is no miracle. I have carpal tunnel syndrome. It is better now, after a week of using Penetrex. But also, I am wearing braces on by wrists, so there is more than one variable in this experiment. This morning, I woke up at 3 AM with wrist and hand pain, and applied Penetrex with a layer of plastic wrap over the top. At 6 AM I woke up with pain in my hands and wrists again.” – Dennis

Does Penetrex Have Side Effects?

Is Penetrex safe? Penetrex is considered a topical analgesic, and these products are generally safe. Always watch out for drug interactions when using products like Penetrex, and make sure to talk to your doctor if you need medical advice.

Note that most of the studies that we currently have are testing the oral use of Penetrex’s ingredients. The ingredients in Penetrex show little to no risk of causing adverse reactions when taken individually.

As we said, you won’t be able to find specific dosage information in regards to ingredients in Penetrex. This is an issue because we can’t see if some ingredients are overserved. Our team reached out to Penetrex’s customer service and asked them for this information. We have never heard back from them.

*You should check with a qualified professional if you aren’t sure whether to take this product or not. Remember, our posts aren’t meant as advice – they’re for informational and entertainment purposes only!

Price & Where to Buy?

You can buy Penetrex both online and at certain retailers. The price of the product depends on which type you pick, as well as where you’re buying it. The official Penetrax website lists the following prices of the product:

  • 2 oz Penetrex Cream Tub: $19.95
  • 4 oz. Penetrex Cream Tub: $35.95

Compared to the official website and Amazon, Penetrex’s Walmart price is a bit lower at $18.98 per tub.

Is Penetrex a good value? From our experience, it’s not. Depending on how problematic your joint pain and stiffness is, it’s certainly more expensive than some other options on the market. At this price bracket, it’s possible to find high-quality joint supplements that have proven ingredients for joint health in clinically-tested dosages.

As far as Penetrex promo and discount codes go, there currently aren’t any. However, Penetrex does offer deals from time to time where you can buy multiple boxes and get a certain percentage off the product’s price.

Penetrex is available on Amazon and Walmart. It’s not currently available at Walgreens or CVS. Penetrex is available in other countries too, including Israel, Canada, Pakistan, India, and South Africa.

The Bottom Line – Does Penetrex Really Work?

Penetrex is a highly popular cream with some great marketing behind it. However, we didn’t find the benefits and ingredients to live up to the claims. If you’re just looking for some short-term inflammation-related joint pain relief, as well as sciatica pain reduction, Penetrex may be worth giving a go.

But for substantial, long-term joint support, we don’t think this cream is the best one you can buy today. If you’re serious about reducing joint pain and stiffness and improving long-range function, then there are tried and tested joint health supplements that will do a far better job than Penetrex – or any other joint cream for that matter.

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  1. I just started using the product two day ago and one things noticeable is following the instruction. I decided to start over and do what the instruction says do. I can say that the product is odor free, and that is something I needed. I, decided to follow thru with the product for the next 10 days. I just tired of having injections done. Leanna

  2. The fact that phosphatidyl serine makes up much of the brain’s fatty tissue does not mean that eating it leads to improved brain function. This is facile logic, and much rigorous research would be needed to prove the claim.
    For example, we are all concerned about cholesterol buildup in our bloodstream. Yet, ingested cholesterol makes up only 5% or so of circulating cholesterol. The culprit is saturated fatty acids which stimulate cholesterol production by the liver.

    1. Hi Ron,

      Thanks for sharing this information with us, but are you sure that you commented under the right article? Penetrex doesn’t contain any Phosphatidylserine, nor does Penetrex have to do anything with brain health! Perhaps you meant to comment under some of our “nootropic” posts?



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