Our Thoughts on Olly Beat the Bloat: Does it Work? (2024)

Olly Beat the Bloat: Does it Work? Supplement Analysis by PDPPro

Here’s our updated Olly Beat the Bloat report.

Beat the Bloat is a herbal supplement formulated for women who suffer from bloating, indigestion, and water retention. It claims to help you flush excess fluids out of your body as well as improve your digestion and everyday comfort.

But how will it work for you? We share our thoughts below;

Olly Beat the Bloat Key Takeaways


  • Contains dandelion which helps to flush water from your body
  • Contains a blend of digestive enzymes to help you properly digest foods
  • Relatively inexpensive at $17.99 per bottle of 25 capsules


  • Only 4 active ingredients
  • Key ingredients such as Ginger are underdosed
  • Contains the controversial filler, titanium dioxide

SUMMARY: Olly Beat the Bloat is a decent female supplement. If you’re looking for something affordable that will reduce water retention and help you with digestion, then Olly Beat the Bloat is not a terrible choice. However, the product also has a few downsides that make us feel like it is far from the best option on the market. The main problem with Olly Beat The Bloat is that it lacks better ingredients for female health, inflammation, and digestion – such as turmeric and black pepper extract. What’s more, some key ingredients in Olly Beat the Bloat are underdosed. This includes ginger (50mg per serving) and fennel extract (100mg per serving). At such low doses, Olly Beat the Bloat is unlikely to produce a substantial effect. It could be a good option if you can’t afford anything better right now, but it is definitely not one of the best gut health supplements for us.

About Olly Beat the Bloat

Olly Beat the Bloat: Key Facts

Benefits: Belly bloat support, relieves gas and water retention, promotes the digestion of foods and nutrients
Ingredients: Ginger, Fennel, Digestive Enzymes, Dandelion
Company: Olly
Available: Official Website, Amazon
Price: $17.99 (25 servings)

Beat the Bloat is a natural capsule-based supplement from Olly, consisting of a blend of digestive enzymes and herbal extracts that help reduce occasional belly bloat and support a flatter tummy, according to the manufacturer.

This supplement boasts a streamline formula with just 4 ingredients. Will it be enough to give you the benefits it claims? Is the evidence supportive of the ingredient’s claimed effects? Our team finds out!

How to use Olly Beat the Bloat

Olly Beat the Bloat is simple to use – simply take 1 capsule daily with water, at any time of the day.

Olly Beat the Bloat Ingredients

Here are the ingredients in Olly Beat the Bloat.

  • Digestive Enzyme Blend (75mg), consisting of:
    • Amylase, Cellulase, Hemicellulase, Lactase, Alpha Galactosidase, Lipase
  • Dandelion Leaf Extract (100mg)
  • Fennel Seed Extract (100mg)
  • Ginger Root Extract (50mg)
Olly Beat the Bloat Ingredients Label, Facts, and Information

As you can see, Olly Beat the Bloat doesn’t have too many ingredients inside. In fact, if you look down on the product label, you’ll see there are more “other ingredients” than the actual active ingredients! One of the filler ingredients in Beat the Bloat is titanium dioxide, which studies show is a potential carcinogen.

Obviously, we’re not off to a great start. However, as titanium dioxide is still used in many products, and the jury is still out on how safe titanium dioxide is, many people don’t mind having this filler in this product.

So, let’s have a closer look at the active ingredients in Olly Beat the Bloat to see the most important thing – whether it will really reduce bloating and help to improve your digestion.

Digestive Enzyme Blend

Digestive enzymes are necessary for breaking down food into absorbable molecules that can then be used by your body. Without these enzymes, the food will not break down properly and will cause symptoms of indigestion, bloating, nausea, etc. The symptoms of indigestion are caused by undigested food particles that irritate the lining of your stomach or intestines which causes inflammation – and bloating by consequence.

Enzymes are also beneficial for those who follow a vegetarian/vegan diet because their bodies are often low in certain nutrients like B12 which they may not get from meat sources.

This is a good ingredient choice by Olly.

Dandelion Extract

The health benefits of dandelion have been commonly documented by natural healers for centuries.

Dandelion is a plant that can grow in just about any environment. It contains a number of vitamins and minerals as well as important antioxidants. In addition, it can be used as a laxative and to help the liver detoxify the body.

Dandelion also has diuretic properties, helping you to retain less water in your body. The problem with this, however, is the pressure it puts on your kidneys. Anything that dehydrates you makes your filtrations systems work harder. This is why it’s important to drink plenty of water throughout the day when taking dandelion.

Fennel Seed Extract

Fennel seeds are antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, digestive, and carminative. They are used for indigestion, flu symptoms, colds, coughs and diarrhea. Fennel seeds soothe the stomach by stimulating the digestive enzymes to allow food to pass easily through the intestines. It also acts as an expectorant which means that it helps in loosening mucus in the throat to stop coughing.

Fennel seed oil is used as natural remedy for skin disorders like acne and eczema. Massaging it over the skin helps in reducing inflammation and controlling acne breakouts. Fennel seed extracts can also be used internally to treat acid reflux, upper respiratory tract infections (URTI), asthma and other lung problems.

The dose of Fennel seed extract in Olly Beat the Bloat is only 100mg per serving, which may not be enough to give you the full effect. (source: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4137549/)

Ginger Extract

Ginger is a natural way to improve your overall health. It has been used for centuries as an herbal medicine, originally in Asia.

It is capable of providing the following health benefits:

  • Reducing nausea and vomiting
  • Relief from morning sickness
  • Stomach ulcers
  • Helping balance your blood sugar
  • Fights inflammation and joint pain
  • Aiding in respiratory disorders

Ginger is a great choice in Olly Beat the Bloat, the only downside is that it’s another underdosed ingredient in the supplement. Ginger Extract’s optimal dosage is between 500-1000mg per serving – Olly Beat the Bloat only has 50mg. As a result, you won’t get a substantial effect.

Customer Reviews

Olly Beat the Bloat has plenty of reviews on Amazon and other retailers. The average score is around 4 out of 5 stars at the time of writing. Most users are happy with how safe Olly Beat the Bloat is. However, there are also some customers who’d hoped to see more significant benefits. Here’s what some of them said:

“I wish these would have worked for me, but they didn’t make a difference. I didn’t feel anything different while taking them. Maybe I don’t need them, so I didn’t notice a change. I see that some people said they work great. If you think they might work for you, give them a try.” – Amazon Customer

“There has been some positive effects using this product. Some increased libido and sexual drive. Started off taking 1 capsule instead of the two. And now taking two. So far no negative effects and definitely positive results.” – Amazon Customer

“It’s so hard to review a supplement since they take so darn long to work usually. So far, no tummy issues taking these, even on an empty stomach. As far as mellowing out, I’ll really be shocked if that changes since I’m in the process of buying a new home. Maybe this has calmed me down some, I’m not 100% sure.” – Amazon Customer

Does Olly Beat the Bloat Have Side Effects?

Olly Beat the Bloat contains diuretics, making you go to the restroom more often. One of the ingredients in Beat the Bloat, dandelion, is also known to cause dehydration, so it’s important to drink enough water throughout the day to avoid side effects from this supplement.

Apart from that, the ingredients in Olly Beat the Bloat are all generally well studied and aren’t known to cause adverse effects in most healthy people. Plus, the dosages of ingredients in Olly Beat the Bloat are on the light side which further reduces the chances of getting side effects.

*You should check with a qualified professional if you aren’t sure whether to take this product or not. Remember, our posts aren’t meant as advice – they’re for informational and entertainment purposes only!

Where to Buy?

Olly Beat the Bloat is available to buy on Amazon as well as on its official website. It costs $17.99 per bottle of 25 capsules.

In other words, you’ll have to buy two bottles of Olly Beat the Bloat if you want it to last you a month or longer.

The Bottom Line

Olly Beat the Bloat is a decent supplement. It contains several herbs that are known to help with indigestion and fluid retention. Dandelion, specifically, has long been used to help flush water out of the body.

However, you will need to be careful with this ingredient as it also puts a strain on your filtration system – in other words, ensure you’re drinking enough water through the day.

There are also some digestive enzymes in Olly Beat the Bloat that should help you absorb the food you eat more easily.

All things considered, it’s a decent supplement for anyone who’s looking for improve their digestive health. Is it the best? We wouldn’t say so! Olly Beat the Bloat is still missing some core ingredients for digestion. Plus, some of its key ingredients are on the lighter side, which limits their effects.

While it’s a cheap product, there are definitely better alternatives available if you’re able to afford them.

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