HUM Mighty Night Review: Does it Really Improve Skin Health & Sleep Quality?

HUM Mighty Night Review

Here is our HUM Mighty Night review. In this review, we will compare HUM Mighty Night with other supplements that claim to promote sleep & skin quality, in terms of effectiveness, safety, and value for money.

We will start with a brief summary to get an idea about what you can expect from these all-natural pills.

HUM Mighty Night Review at a Glance

We’ve found HUM Mighty Night to be a disappointing supplement. It doesn’t do much in terms of the skin enhancement, while its effects on sleep are weak compared to other natural sleep supplements on the market.

With a little research, you can easily find superior options that offer better value for money.


  • Contains Valerian and Hops which may promote sedation and help you fall asleep faster


  • Some ineffective and unproven ingredients such as Passionflower & Trans-Ferulic Acid
  • Key ingredients such as Ubiquinol are underdosed
  • Poor value for the price of $40 that is being charged

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About HUM Mighty Night

HUM Mighty Night is a sleep aid supplement with a twist. In addition to helping you get to sleep faster (and sleep better!), it also claims to help rejuvenate your skin while you sleep. In other words, it should help to combat the detrimental effects of aging while promoting your overall wellness and making you look more vibrant.

The question is, how will HUM Mighty Night work for you?

How to use HUM Mighty Night

HUM Mighty Night’s dosage is 2 softgels 30-60 minutes before you go to sleep. Ideally, take it with water only. If you find it that this causes you to have an upset stomach, try taking it with a light meal.

HUM Mighty Night Ingredients

Here is a look at the product’s ingredient label:

HUM Mighty Night Ingredients

The good news is that you can see every dosage on the label, which is important when it comes to determining how effectively dosed the compounds are.

That said, the ingredients themselves in HUM Mighty Night are a mixed bag.

Shall we start with the good ones?

As far as sleep enhancement goes, Valerian Root Extract is perhaps the best-studied ingredient in the formula. Needless to say, sleep is crucial for our overall health, this includes skin regeneration and keeping you looking young and vibrant. Therefore, using quality ingredients in a supplement to promote sleep should be the top priority in our eyes – even above the skin ingredients themselves.

Unfortunately, Valerian Root is the only somewhat studied herb in the formula that can promote your sleep. Studies show it enhances your GABA brain levels, which are typically elevated at night when the mind needs rest. [1] At the mere 150mg per serving, though, even this ingredient’s effectiveness is brought into question. It may give you a slight sedative effect – but don’t expect wonders!

Next up is Trans-Ferulic Acid. This is an antioxidant that is used for protecting your skin from oxidative stress and sun damage. How well does it do? Sadly, not that great. A better ingredient would be the good old vitamin C, which is a proven antioxidant. Adding vitamin E to the formula would make it even better for the overall regenerative effect on your skin.

Then there is Passionflower. This herb is commonly used to treat insomnia. But, does it really work? The answer is probably not. The evidence of Passionflower’s effectiveness in humans is thin. The studies that we do have tend to use Passionflower in combination with other ingredients, which doesn’t exactly tell us much.

The same story goes for hops extract. This ingredient is commonly found in beer. It is a mild sedative, though it is not proven to affect sleep quality itself. [2] If you’re having trouble falling asleep, this is the only area where hops could be beneficial for you.

Lastly, we have Ceramosides and Ubiquinol (also known as CoQ10). CoQ10 is thought to be a general health ingredient, much like a multivitamin. It doesn’t have much of a noticeable effect, people take it more as an “insurance policy”. Okay, and what about Ceramosides? This is a naturally occurring ingredient that helps to protect and moisturize your skin. In theory, the application of Ceramosides (especially topically) may help soften cracks and wrinkles on your skin. Once again, though, we have an ingredient that has more rumors than research going for it.

Our Thoughts on the Ingredients in HUM Mighty Night

So, how will HUM Mighty Night work for you?

It’s an okay formula for helping you to get to sleep faster. It contains a few decent ingredients for that purpose, although, as we said, we wouldn’t expect too much from it. Key ingredients like magnesium and natural melatonin are omitted – which is a shame, considering they would improve the formula’s effectiveness significantly.

In terms of skin quality enhancement, it’s far from the best product we’ve seen on the market. The ingredients it contains are completely ineffective and weak for the most part. Some of them are even underdosed. A mere 25mg of CoQ10 is nowhere near the minimum effective dosage of 90mg, let alone the optimal dosage of 200mg+.

Customer Reviews

HUM Mighty Night has good reviews online, this includes Amazon testimonials. We aren’t able to confirm the legitimacy of these reviews, though. Some of them look to be faked, some paid advertisements, while others look to be something in between. It is generally always best to take these “testimonials” with a grain of salt as oftentimes they’re pushed to get you to buy the product, but don’t give you an accurate picture of its effectiveness.

Does HUM Mighty Night Have Side Effects?

With all of its flaws, HUM Mighty Night shouldn’t give you side effects. Its ingredients are commonly used and not known to cause any negative reactions. Especially when you consider they’re dosed very lightly in the supplement.

*You should check with a qualified professional if you aren’t sure whether to take this product or not. Remember, our posts aren’t meant as advice – they’re for informational and entertainment purposes only!

Where to Buy?

HUM Mighty Night can be bought from its official website as well as on Amazon, where it costs $40 per bottle (30-day supply).

The Bottom Line

With all things considered, should you buy HUM Mighty Night?

In our opinion, the answer is a definite no. The formula has too many flaws for us to recommend it as one of the best options.

For the price that is being charged, you can easily find more effective supplements for improving your sleep as well as multivitamins specifically formulated to improve your skin quality and anti-aging.


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