How Long Does MSM Take to Work for Joints?

MSM is a supplement that may have to be taken every day for at least six weeks before you notice a substantial improvement in your joints.

The benefits of MSM are not immediate. It can take up to 8-12 weeks for the full effects to be seen.

Though MSM is not an instant fix, it does work on your joints, which can allow you to return to activities more quickly than you would otherwise be able to if they were inflamed or sore.

MSM takes time and patience, but can have a beneficial impact on your body`s cartilage and joints over the long term.

Effects of MSM

MSM is a naturally occurring mineral that has been used for centuries in folk remedies. MSM is a source of sulphur, which is an essential component of the human body. MSM provides many benefits to the joints, and it can be taken as a supplement or applied topically. Here’s how it works…

First, MSM provides nutrients that are necessary for healthy joint function. It contains sulphur, which helps to maintain healthy collagen synthesis and repair in the joints. It also contains magnesium, which helps to maintain flexibility in the joints.

Secondly, MSM can be taken as a supplement or applied topically so that it can provide relief from pain and inflammation caused by arthritis or other chronic joint diseases.

MSM can also help people with osteoarthritis to manage their symptoms better by increasing their range of motion and reducing pain and stiffness associated with movement.

And perhaps most surprisingly, MSM can also help people who are recovering from surgery or injury because it reduces swelling and increases the range of motion where you were injured.

The most beneficial way to take MSM for arthritis pain is by taking it orally or topically. Taking it orally can provide relief from mild to moderate pain, while topical application can decrease swelling and pain in the joints. Topical use of MSM may be done through using a cream, gel, or lotion that is applied directly to the skin. When taken orally, MSM provides significant benefits as outlined below.

Firstly, oral ingestion of MSM may reduce joint stiffness and improve joint mobility.

It also aids in the prevention of cartilage loss and can slow the progression of osteoarthritis As we’ve mentioned, it helps to build collagen and strengthen connective tissue in joints and cartilage.

This prevents further joint destruction, protects against osteoarthritis, and is effective at reducing pain associated with joint inflammation.

How Soon Does MSM Work?

The time it takes for MSM to work depends on the severity of your condition or symptoms. For example, people with mild joint pain may notice relief in just a few days while people with severe osteoarthritis may need up to two months before they experience any relief. This is because chronic, low-grade inflammation that has been building up in your joints takes time to get reduced, and the same applies to inflammation’s consequences, such as damaged joint tissue. Synovial fluid can also be affected by chronic inflammation, and synovial fluid takes time to restore. What is synovial fluid, you ask?

Synovial fluid is the joint’s lubricant and matrix for joint cartilage. The synovial membrane, enclosed in the joint capsule, is a barrier that may be damaged by injury or trauma. When it is, there’s an inflammatory response which leads to a decrease in synovial fluid and other substances that help maintain a moist environment. This lack of joint lubrication can lead to increased pain and stiffness when moving. Luckily, adding supplements such as MSM (and others) to your daily routine can help fight those symptoms quite effectively – more so if you stick to a healthy diet with lots of anti-inflammatory foods.

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