Forebrain Review – Does This Nootropic Work? (2024)

Force Factor Forebrain Review - does it work?

Looking to support your mood and cognitive function? Here’s our Force Factor Forebrain review. Let’s take a closer look at this “nootropic” brain supplement and its ingredients to see if it’s safe, effective, and good value for money. Starting with a quick review summary.

Forebrain Review Key Points

  • Force Factor Forebrain is a brain supplement that consists of natural ingredients like Bacopa Monnieri, but also synthetic fillers like titanium dioxide.
  • Its manufacturers say Forebrain will help improve your cognitive sharpness and clarity.
  • It is missing several core nutrients that would make it more likely to deliver on its claims, including the essential B vitamins and Choline.
  • Forebrain also masks ingredient doses behind proprietary blends, so you don’t know how much exactly you’re getting.
  • For the price of $23.99 on CVS though, Forebrain is a relatively cheap option for those who’re just getting into brain supplements. Taken consistently, the Bacopa and a few other ingredients in Forebrain should improve your memory and focus.
  • Still, if you’re looking for the very best brain supplements, from our experience, Forebrain isn’t one of them.

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About Force Factor Forebrain

Forebrain is a nootropic stack, aka, brain supplement. To clarify, a nootropic stack is a combination of ingredients that help improve brain function in some way.

Forebrain consists of Vincamine, Huperzine A, Grape Extract, and Black Pepper, among other ingredients, that, together, are claimed to improve your:

  • Memory
  • Cognitive sharpness
  • Clarity
  • Performance

Forebrain also contains some cheaper ingredients, and is missing a few of the best nootropics on the market. Which makes us wonder; does it live up to its claims?

We find out below.

How to use Forebrain

Force Factor Forebrain dosage is 1 capsule per day with your breakfast and plenty of water. Make sure not to take it too close to bedtime as the caffeine in it may prevent you from falling asleep.

Forebrain Ingredients

Force Factor Forebrain Ingredients

The ingredients in Force Factor Forebrain are:

  • MemorySafe Proprietary Blend (550mg), consisting of:
    • Bacopa Monnieri Extract (Unknown Dose)
    • COGNIGRAPE Grape Extract (Unknown Dose)
  • ThinkUp Advanced Proprietary Blend (65mg), consisting of:
  • Extended-Release Caffeine (Unknown Dose)
    • Thinkamine Vincamine (Unknown Dose)
    • Toothed Clubmoss (Unknown Dose)
  • Black Pepper Extract (5mg)

Among other ingredients you’ll notice titanium dioxide. A controversial filler that’s been linked to cancer and other health complications.

As far as the active ingredients go, we think they look good, even though they’re hidden in proprietary blends that hide their doses.

You could argue that more ingredients are missing to make Forebrain more effective, and we’re inclined to agree. There’s no L-theanine, no B vitamins, no L-Tyrosine, no Lion’s Mane Mushroom, no Choline or other essential brain nutrients in this supplement. As a result, it doesn’t offer as comprehensive cognitive support as some other nootropic formulas.

Let’s dive deeper and explain Forebrain’s ingredients in more detail.

Bacopa Monnieri Extract

Bacopa is a great choice. An ancient Ayurvedic herb with memory-boosting properties, Bacopa doesn’t work right away. Its benefits peak after 8-12 weeks of daily supplementation. Bacopa is known to increase the density of small extensions of your neurons called dendrites, which is thought to be one of the ways Bacopa influences memory and even mood to some extend.

Learn more here:

Grape Fruit Extract

Grape Fruit is a source of anthocyanins, antioxidants that protect your brain cells from damage caused by toxins and other environmental factors. Grape fruit is a good choice, but an even more powerful source of antioxidants is Pine Bark Extract, which is more often seen in top-tier nootropic formulas, due to its premium quality and potent brain-protective effects.


Caffeine is a legal stimulant that will essentially enhance all of your senses. Force Factor Forebrain contains a so-called “extended release” caffeine. This should help smoothen out the mental focus and energy you get from caffeine, while reducing the likelihood of a crash.

See a study on caffeine’s side effects here:

Thinkamine Vincamine

Vincamine is an active compound of the Perwinkle plant. It influences your brain’s blood flow. The effects are similar to Ginkgo Biloba and Pine Bark Extract. With an increase in cerebral circulation, your brain cells get nourished with more oxygen and nutrients. This is more of a long-term brain protection effect than an instant brain boosting benefit, although you may notice a slight increase in focus and mental clarity from supplementation.

Toothed Clubmoss

Toothen Clubmoss is a source of Huperzine A, a compound commonly used to help enhance memory and focus. Huperzine A works by boosting acetylcholine levels in your brain; a neurochemical that affects your core cognitive functions. Huperzine A should only be taken short-term though, as long-term use has been linked to headaches, and, ironically, memory loss.

Black Pepper Extract

The Black Pepper Extract in Forebrain is called “BioPerine,” which is patented and standardized to contain 95% of the active compound piperine. Although it may not have any effects on your brain function at just 5mg per serving, BioPerine enhances other ingredients’ digestion in your body, and may boost their bioavailability.

Customer Reviews

Force Factor Forebrain reviews and testimonials can be found on websites like CVS and Amazon. For the most part, the customer experience looks good. Apart from some rare reports of side effects, most users were happy with how safe Forebrain was. Some of them also said they noticed an increase in “mental alertness” and “presence” during their daily tasks.

Does Forebrain Have Side Effects?

Force Factor Forebrain uses caffeine, so it may cause side effects in those who’re sensitive to stimulants. It also contains Huperzine A, which is a compound that causes headaches in some users.

Other than that, if you’re healthy and think you can tolerate Force Factor Forebrain’s ingredients, it shouldn’t cause any issues for you.

*You should check with a qualified professional if you aren’t sure whether to take this product or not. Remember, our posts aren’t meant as advice – they’re for informational and entertainment purposes only!

Pros and Cons of Forebrain

Forebrain contains some good ingredients, and customer reviews look decent for the most part. The 2 biggest downsides are the use of a proprietary blend and lack of more proven nootropics.

Considering its steep price, we think Forebrain has room for improvements to make it a better value for money.


  • Contains Bacopa Monnieri for memory and mood
  • Vincamine is excellent for brain blood flow
  • Reports of side effects are uncommon


  • Missing CDP-Choline, B vitamins, Pine Bark Extract, and other core ingredients
  • Hidden ingredient doses
  • Depending on where you buy it, the price can be as high as $69.99

The Bottom Line

Forebrain contains a few good ingredients that make it a decent option if you’re just starting out with nootropics.

It contains Bacopa, Vincemine, and also the stimulant Caffeine for energy. Although caffeine may not sit well with you if you’re intolerant to stimulants, the dose is below 60mg per serving, which is a light amount.

The main problems with Forebrain are the lack of transparency when it comes to ingredient amounts, and the omission of some of the best nootropic ingredients for focus, mental energy, and cognitive well-being.

The prices can vary drastically from site to site, so make sure to do proper research to find the best deal. At the moment, the lowest price for Forebrain we’ve found was at CVS, where it sells for $23.99 per bottle (1-month supply).

If you’re looking for the current best-reviewed brain supplements on the market, be sure to check our guide below.

Best Forebrain Alternative?

Right now, we rate Mind Lab Pro and Hunter Focus as the two best alternatives for Forebrain.

Mind Lab Pro is currently the highest rated nootropic supplement on the market for men and women. It is stimulant-free and contains some of the safest, most effective ingredients for brain blood flow, neurotransmitters, brainwaves, neuroplasticity, and brain energy among others. Mind Lab Pro is the most comprehensive formula at the market right now, you can see how it compares to other nootropic supplements by checking our guide below.

As for Hunter Focus, it’s a highly targeted brain supplement, designed for busy and stressed men over 35. It’s specifically designed for productivity and focus, as these are two of the key traits of successful professionals, entrepreneurs, and high achievers – the people Hunter Focus is targeted at.

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