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Here we have our Performance Lab NutriGenesis Multi Review. In this review, we’ll check if NutriGenesis Multi is better than your typical multivitamin supplement at boosting recovery, enhancing energy production, and fighting off ailments amongst others.

Performance Lab NutriGenesis Multi Review at a Glance

  • 100% nature-identical ingredients, grown on bacteria and yeast cultures using NutriGenesis® technology
  • Male and Female formula with slightly different ingredients for unique gender needs
  • Designed to improve the immune system and whole-body wellness
  • Provides more energy, enhances mental focus
  • Enhances digestion rate and nutrient absorption
  • Developed by a specialist company Opti-Nutra
  • A month’s supply (4 capsules per day) costs $40
  • Excellent reviews online + great deals when you buy in bulk

Click to Visit the Official Website

Why is a Multivitamin Important?

Before we dive deep into our Performance Lab NutriGenesis Multi review, you might be wondering: “Do I really need a vitamin supplement? Isn’t what I get from my diet enough?” This might be harder than most of us think!

Science now shows that our lands are being drained of their natural minerals faster and faster. This has a direct impact on the nutrient content found in your fresh fruits and veggies.

Years ago, an apple or a carrot contained a lot more vitamins and minerals than it does today. So, can you get optimal nutrition from your diet? The answer depends on your activity levels!

If you’re exercising regularly, meeting your daily requirements will be a difficult task – even with a balanced diet. Why?

  • Because, increased activity levels mean you’ll put a lot more strain on your ligaments, joints, tendons, and muscles – as well as your brain and your central nervous system – not to mention the loss of minerals and increased metabolism.

As a result, making sure you have a sufficient supply of nutrients should be a priority as far as health and performance are concerned – these vitamins and minerals aid many healing processes throughout your body.

The bottom line: if you don’t take a quality multivitamin, then getting optimal amounts of what your body needs can prove hard for most people. Take a look at Paula Findlay for example – she finished last in an Olympic competition due to iron deficiency.

Continue reading to see how Performance Lab Multivitamin can help you.

Performance Lab NutriGenesis Multi – How Does it Work?

Performance Lab NutriGenesis Multi is an ultramodern health and performance supplement from Opti-Nutra. Vegan friendly and 100% natural, it’s been created to offer the most bioavailable forms of nutrients available anywhere.

NutriGenesis Multi works by:

  1. Providing foundational support for healthy body and mind biological performance
  2. Supporting the recovery processes and muscle repair
  3. Enhancing mitochondrial biogenesis and function for increased energy
  4. Optimizing the effects of other supplements in your daily stack; including immunity boosters, omega-3s, weight loss aids and others
  5. Enhancing digestion with the natural absorption-boosting cofactors

Performance Lab NutriGenesis Multi is available on the official website

>Click to Buy Now<

How to Take

For complete foundational body health support take 4 capsules per day. The best way to take Performance Lab NutriGenesis Multi is by splitting the dosage into 2 capsules in the morning and 2 in the evening, with food to help absorb its fat-soluble nutrients.

Ingredients – What’s Inside?

NutriGenesis Multi supplies at least 100% RDA of 17 essential vitamins and minerals. It’s delivered in prebiotic-infuses NutriCaps® for digestive ease and efficiency.

  • You won’t find aggressive doses of vitamins or minerals on the label of Performance Lab NutriGenesis Multi. The ingredients have been dosed smartly to mimic how they occur in nature.

Speaking of nature, the nutrients found in this multivitamin are nature identical. They’re grown using NutriGenesis technology, and occur with their natural cofactors for optimal absorption.

This results in our body not being able to tell the difference between Performance Lab NutriGenesis nutrients and those from food.


Performance Lab NutriGenesis Multi is vegan-friendly, it doesn’t contain wheat, soy, egg, dairy, fish, or shellfish. It’s also non-irritated and non-GMO. As far as cleanliness goes, this product is great, it’s free of gluten, artificial colors, banned substances, synthetics, preservatives, and has no added caffeine.

That said, Performance Lab NutriGenesis Multi contains tree nuts – coconut!

Vitamin ABoosts immunity, fights off illnesses, while improving tissue healing.
Vitamin CEssential for the growth of all bodily tissues, as well as protection from free radical damage – keeping the body young.
Vitamin DSupports hormonal balance and calcium absorption.
Vitamin EProtects the brain, heart, and eyes.
Vitamin K1 + K2Improves blood clotting and supports bone metabolism.
Vitamin B1Protects the nervous system and heart while assisting in the flow of electrolytes in and out of your cells.
Vitamin B2Promotes the conversion of foods into ATP to create energy.
Vitamin B3Helps lower cholesterol while enhancing brain function.
Vitamin B5Creates sex hormones, red blood cells, and improves digestive health.
Vitamin B6Helps with sleep as it produces serotonin and soothes the Central Nervous System.
Vitamin B7Metabolizes fats, proteins, and carbs into energy and fights off premature skin aging.
Vitamin B9Metabolizes carbs into energy and stimulates brain blood flow.
Vitamin B12Assists in DNA health and energy metabolism.
Iron(Increased levels in the women’s multivitamin) Stimulates blood, nutrient, and oxygen delivery to all tissues in the body.
CalciumStrengthens ligaments and bones.
IodineCrucial for thyroid function which regulates metabolism and body weight.
MagnesiumModulates mood, relaxation, muscle recovery, and hormones.
SeleniumStrong antioxidant that binds to heavy metals, protects the heart and increases airway capacity.
CopperImproves red blood cell count, enhances the nervous system and immune function.
ManganeseHelps regulate blood sugar and reduce inflammation post-exercise.
ChromiumLowers blood sugar spikes after carb-heavy meals.
MolybdenumAssists in the breakdown and removal of toxins from the body.
StrontiumStrengthens bones by boosting calcium absorption.
InositolHelps control blood sugar levels, improves serotonin production and by extension sleep and mood.
VanadiumImproves blood sugar levels and water retention, boosts athletic performance.
BoronAssists in lean tissue growth and repair, along with boosting hormone production.

Safety – Does NutriGenesis Multi Have Side Effects?

Performance Lab NutriGenesis Multi is a safe supplement. It shouldn’t cause you any side effects. The ingredients are as close to nature as it gets, and are also gently dosed to make them healthy for daily use.

*You should check with a qualified professional if you aren’t sure whether to take this product or not. Remember, our posts aren’t meant as advice – they’re for informational and entertainment purposes only!

Where to Buy?

1-month supply of Performance Lab NutriGenesis Multi (4 NutriCaps per day) will cost you $40 or £30 if buying in the UK.

You can get it for a much lower price if you buy it in bulk – buying 3 boxes gets you 1 extra box of this multivitamin for free. With that, you also get fast free international shipping.

For us, this is an excellent value for money. We’ve never seen such state of the art production gone into a multivitamin before.

Opti-Nutra have really gone above and beyond to create a product that will make you more hormonally balanced, energized, with enhanced mood and focus.

You can currently only get Performance Lab NutriGenesis Multi on their official website: https://www.performancelab.com/pages/nutrigenesis-multi

We recommend buying from the company direct. This way you prevent counterfeit supplements from being made and sold on 3rd party websites like Amazon and eBay.

The Bottom Line

So, is Performance Lab NutriGenesis Multi worth the money? We can genuinely say, hands down, it’s the best value for money multivitamin we’ve ever reviewed!

  • Considering for one moment the advanced manufacturing of each ingredient with NutriGenesis, and the prebiotic-infused vegan capsules which ensure optimal digestion.

If you find a better one, let us know because NutriGenesis Multi is really state of the art.

For me (Jimmy, but Mark and Mia would agree with me on this too), I have more consistent energy without the mid-afternoon crashes. I’m able to train harder and recover faster significantly.

Taking the Performance Lab NutriGenesis’ advanced formula at 4 capsules per day, consistently, has now become a part of my daily routine without any issues.

It’s now a staple in my supplement stack.

So if you’re looking for that little ‘boost’, then we can highly recommend you check Performance Lab NutriGenesis Multi.

For more related reviews, check our General Wellness archives.

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Performance Lab Omega-3 Review & Buying Guide https://pdppro.com/performance-lab-omega-3-review/ https://pdppro.com/performance-lab-omega-3-review/#respond Thu, 12 Nov 2020 12:23:43 +0000 https://pdppro.com/?p=271 Performance Lab Omega 3 Review at a Glance Made by a specialist company Opti-Nutra 60 softgels (Nutrigels®) per bottle Eco-sustainable, ultraclean algae-sourced Omega-3s 600mg DHA/300mg [...]

The post Performance Lab Omega-3 Review & Buying Guide appeared first on PDPPro.com.

Performance Lab Omega 3 Review at a Glance
  • Made by a specialist company Opti-Nutra
  • 60 softgels (Nutrigels®) per bottle
  • Eco-sustainable, ultraclean algae-sourced Omega-3s
  • 600mg DHA/300mg EPA per serving (2 Nutrigels®)
  • Great deals on bulk purchases: buy 3 bottles get 1 extra + free shipping
  • $0.98 per serving when you buy 3 boxes
  • No nasty smells or aftertaste
  • Free of PCBs, heavy metals, and other toxins
  • Promotes cellular health, cognitive wellbeing and whole-body vitality

Performance Lab Omega 3 – How Does it Work?

Here’s our review of the cleanest Omega-3 product on offer today! After 3 years of sourcing and development, it’s finally here.

Performance Lab Omega-3 is a premium quality Omega-3 supplement sourced from algae. It’s used for supporting your cell membranes – especially those in your heart, eyes, and brain.

To avoid the common issues with fish oil supplements – toxins, destruction of marine species – Performance Lab offer an ingenious solution – sourcing their EPA+DHA Omega-3s directly from the original source…. Algae.

As such, Performance Lab Omega 3 Supplies strong-potency DHA+EPA that is much more sustainable and eco-friendly than regular fish oil supplements.

See their webiste: https://www.performancelab.com/products/omega-3

Benefits of Performance Lab Omega 3

You need to get enough Omega-3 fatty acids for good cognitive health, sharp eyesight, and a strong heart. But it’s very hard to find Omega-3s that tick all of these boxes:

  • Pure
  • Contains the right ratio of DHA and EPA
  • Comes in the most bioavailable form

Performance Lab Omega-3 contains pure DHA and EPA which have been shown in studies to:

  • Boost BDNF which triggers new brain cell growth
  • Reduce neuroinflammation
  • Support mitochondrial function and energy levels
  • Boost dopamine and serotonin

As a result, you may start to feel your mood lift once you start taking Performance Lab Omega-3 on a daily basis. Your joints should also feel lighter and your recovery from exercise should shorten.

You won’t get a stimulant-like feeling from Performance Lab’s Omega-3s. It’s nothing like coffee.

Instead, high-quality omega-3s have been shown to optimize energy production on a cellular level, which produces a cleaner and longer-lasting effect.

Bear in mind, it’s unlikely you’ll feel Performance Lab Omega-3 right away. It can take a few weeks until the fatty acids build up in your body and brain and start optimizing cellular function.

Ingredients – What’s Inside?

With 2 Nutrigels per serving, here are all the ingredients in Performance Lab Omega 3:

  • Algal Oil (from life’s™OMEGA 60), 2000mg
  • Prebiotic-infused softgels made of fermented tapioca

The softgels are specifically designed to make them easy on your digestion. The algae oil contains the following amounts of EPA and DHA per serving:

  • 300mg of EPA
  • 600mg of DHA

The ingredients are all vegan-friendly and free of synthetic substances or fillers. It’s also free of common allelrgens including soy, eggs, fish, dairy, wheat, peanuts, or shellfish!

This is one of the cleanest – dare we say, the cleanest – omega-3 products we’ve seen in a while.

It’s also the most potent algae-sourced omega-3 available. Furthermore, it comes in the Trigylceride form, which makes it very easy for your body to absorb.

But one downside of this premium type of Omega-3s is that they’re expensive to make. And so naturally the product price raises (more on this below).

But we have to say, it’s great that Performance Lab sources its omega-3s from the original source in all aquatic ecoystems – algae. It’s where fish and other marine life gets their omega-3 fats in the first place!

Safety – Does Performance Lab Omega 3 Have Side Effects?

Some fish oil brands tend to have high levels of toxins, among them are PCBs and mercury. And omega-3s sourced from fish also has destructive consequences for our planet.

Performance Lab Omega-3 avoids all of that by sustainably sourcing their omega-3s from algae themselves, making it very eco-friendly and easy on your body.

As a result, Performance Lab Omega-3 shouldn’t cause you any side effects or other issues for that matter!

*You should check with a qualified professional if you aren’t sure whether to take this product or not. Remember, our posts aren’t meant as advice – they’re for informational and entertainment purposes only!

Where Can You Buy it?

You can buy Performance Lab Omega-3 on their website: https://performancelab.com/products/omega-3

Although it is more bioavailable than most Omega-3 products we’ve seen, the Performance Lab Omega-3 sits in a similar price range as these supplements – but with higher purity and concentration of EPA and DHA.

One box of Performance Lab Omega-3 will set you back by $30. That’s $1.30 per daily serving.

You’re also covered with fast worldwide shipping and various payment options. Most review critics and customers of Performance Lab Omega-3 say the buying process very fast and effortless.

But you can get it for only $29 per bottle when you buy 3 bottles – or just $0.98 per day. Plus free shipping in the UK and USA. This is actually the same price as lower-quality ethyl ester omega-3 products, while offering a better value in our eyes.

And if you aren’t happy with the product you’re covered with a 30-day money-back guarantee from Opti Nutra.

The Bottom Line

This is arguably the number one Omega-3 supplement on sale today. The wait was long but it was worth it.

Everyone from our team now uses it on a daily basis to support our cognitive and physical function, naturally.

If you want to learn more on how Performance Lab Omega-3 works, the studies behind it, the research and a lot more, you can visit the official website: https://www.performancelab.com/products/omega-3

More Reading:

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4Gauge vs Pre Jym – Which is Better? https://pdppro.com/4gauge-vs-pre-jym/ https://pdppro.com/4gauge-vs-pre-jym/#respond Fri, 06 Nov 2020 16:40:03 +0000 https://pdppro.com/?p=258 4Gauge vs Pre JYM – which pre workout is better at boosting your muscle pumps, increasing energy levels, and enhancing overall workout performance? Which one [...]

The post 4Gauge vs Pre Jym – Which is Better? appeared first on PDPPro.com.

4Gauge vs Pre JYM – which pre workout is better at boosting your muscle pumps, increasing energy levels, and enhancing overall workout performance? Which one tastes better?

If you’ve asked yourself any of these questions, here’s a short summary of our article, after which you can read the full comparison at your leisure!

At a Glance

  • 4Gauge is 100% natural, Pre JYM contains an artificial sweetener suclarose
  • Pre JYM has 13 ingredients, 4Gauge has 8
  • 4Gauge offers 1 extra bottle for free+free shipping if you buy 3 bottles
  • Both products contain 20 serves per bottle, but Pre JYM is a few bucks cheaper
  • 4Gauge’s ingredients are better dosed, while Pre JYM contains high amounts of caffeine which can lead to side effects
  • Pre JYM comes in a few different flavors, 4Gauge exclusively in “Fruit Punch”
  • Both products and their respective companies boast excellent reviews
  • 4Gauge is our winner overall, due to a cleaner formula and the inclusion of some key ingredients for reducing fatigue and promoting mental boost (e.g. Rhodiola Rosea, Acetyl L-Carnitine)

4Gauge vs Pre JYM – How do They Work?

4Gauge Overview

4Gauge is an all-natural pre workout designed by a specialist sports company Roar Ambition. The red bottle, which looks like an ammo shell, reflects the “explosive power” of 4Gauge, guys from Roar Ambition told us.

One scoop of 4Gauge taken 15-45 minutes before your workout is designed to help you:

  1. Boost muscle pumps – feel stronger, look bigger
  2. Optimize the Central Nervous System – have more energy, train harder for longer
  3. Increase concentration – clean focus, no twitchiness or energy crashes

4Gauge comes exclusively in Fruit Blast Flavor that is 100% natural and only has 5 calories per serving! We found it to be great tasting, the aroma is not too intense, and it doesn’t leave an artificial aftertaste.

4Gauge costs $45 per container (20 servings), but when you buy 3 bottles of 4Gauge you get 1 extra bottle for free + free US and UK shipping. The product is only available on the official website, and the good thing is, they offer fast and easy checkout option (including Amazon Pay, PayPal Express).

Pre JYM Overview

Pre JYM is a supplement designed by JYM Supplement Science, a company founded by a well-known fitness guru Jim Stoppani.

It’s a strongly dosed pre-workout with 13 performance boosters that are claimed to help you achieve better training sessions.

The good thing about Pre JYM, just like with 4Gauge, is that it’s free of proprietary blends. So you know the amount of each ingredient inside.

With Pre JYM, you’re promised:

  • Improved muscle growth
  • Increased energy levels and strength
  • More intense workouts in the gym

Much like 4Gauge, Pre JYM is best taken 15-45 minutes before your training sessions to have the full impact.

One bottle of this product costs about $38 depending on where you buy it. It’s available on the official website, as well as Bodybuilding.com and some other retailers. Each bottle of Pre JYM has 20 servings!

Pre JYM isn’t all natural, but it uses some excellent ingredients for a pre-workout.

It’s a bit cheaper than 4Gauge, but does it offer the same value and effectiveness, or better?

We look at the ingredients below.

4Gauge vs Pre JYM – Ingredients

4Gauge Ingredients

4Gauge packs 8 key ingredients that start working within about 15 minutes of ingestion:

  • L-Citrulline DL-Malate (6,000mg) – the best natural ingredient for muscle pumps, excellently dosed too.
  • Creatine Monohydrate (1,000mg) – creatine boosts workout efficiency by helping you train harder for longer. A dose of 1,000mg is perfect – it’s healthy for long-term use!
  • Acetyl L-Carnitine (500mg) – This nutrient helps shuttle fats into your mitochondria to be used for energy, helping your body to tap into multiple energy sources. It’s also a great cognitive booster and brain cell protectant.
  • Red Beet Root Extract (300mg) – This has been shown to raise nitric oxide levels in the blood, leading to fuller muscle pumps and by extension, better overall performance.
  • Coconut Water Powder (300mg) – Nutrient-rich and packed with electrolytes, coconut water is a healthier alternative to sports drinks that hydrates and buffers your muscles for better performance as well as recovery after your workouts.
  • L-Theanine (250mg) – L-Theanine is the clever part of 4Gauge. It helps stabilize the effects of caffeine, prolonging its energizing benefits while smoothening out the comedown. L-Theanine has some benefits of its own too, including a boost in mental focus and a reduction in fatigue.
  • Caffeine Anhydrous (150mg) – This is an absolutely essential ingredient in a pre workout, and comes in a clean form and it’s excellently dosed too.
  • Rhodiola Rosea Root Powder (100mg) – Rhodiola is a very underrated pre workout ingredient, it optimizes your energy production on a cellular level. So unlike caffeine, it doesn’t stimulate you. Rhodiola fights fatigue and makes you more resilient to physical and mental stress, which is why it’s been used by Vikings and Russian Soldiers for so long.

The 4Gauge formula is clean with no sight of proprietary blends. With only 5 calories per serving, 4 Gauge is also 100% natural and sweetened with Stevia and Monk Fruit.

Our Thoughts on the Formula:

We think that 4Gauge’s makers have done a great job making this product. With 8 essential pre workout ingredients in our eyes, it’s a complete formula that will give you increased muscle pumps, better physical performance, and increased mental focus and motivation to see your workouts through.

Coupled with the fact that it’s completely natural and dosed within clinically researched limits, it’s a whole package.

PreJYM Ingredients

In each scoop of Pre JYM (25g) you’ll find 13 active ingredients:

  • Creatine HCl (2g) – Creatine is a good ingredient for overall performance and energy production. 2g is still within the safe limits for long-term use, but if you have any kidney problems, then be sure to speak to an MD before taking it, especially in a dose that’s higher than 1g a day!
  • Beta-Alanine (2g) – This prolongs time to fatigue and may improve your lifts by 1 or 2 extra reps.
  • Betaine (1.5g) – Similar to beta-alanine, this is a molecule that can improve your workout efficiency.
  • Taurine (1g) – This can actually make you sleepy. It raises GABA, which is a relaxing brain chemical messenger. We don’t think this is the best choice for a pre workout.
  • N Acetyl L-Cysteine (600mg) – Improves cognition and cellular function by replenishing your master antioxidant glutathione.
  • Alpha GPC (150mg) – A cognitive enhancer, a very good choice for improving memory and long-term information retention. You probably won’t notice an immediate benefit, though.
  • Citrulline Malate (6g) – Great for muscle pumps.
  • Beet Root Extract (500mg) – Same as with 4Gauge, it’s an excellent choice for muscle pumps.
  • BCAAs (L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine, L-Valine) (6g) – Great for recovery and muscle nourishment, but may reduce mood and appetite in some users.
  • L-Tyrosine (1,5g) – Tyrosine improves mental focus during stress, including intense exercise. It achieves this by raising your natural dopamine levels in the brain. 1,500mg is a bit too high for long-term supplementation though, as it can put other brain chemicals like serotonin out of balance.
  • Caffeine Anhydrous (300mg) – It boosts energy and improves your workouts, but the dose of 300mg may be too high for some.
  • Huperzine A (50mg) – This is a nootropic ingredient extracted from Toothed Clubmoss, it’s been shown to boost memory. However, you should cycle it every few weeks, because continuous long-term use has been linked to headaches and other side effects.
  • Black Pepper Extract (5mg) – This is smart choice by Pre JYM, because it helps improve the absorption of the whole formula.

Pre JYM has 70 calories per serving compared to 4Gauge’s 5. Which isn’t a huge deal unless you’re really strict about your diet or in those last phases of your cutting phase.

You’ll also notice that Pre JYM contains “suclarose” under other ingredients. This is an artificial sweetener, not a great one at that! It’s been shown to cause a slew of adverse health effects, including altered gut microbiome and potential neurotoxicity.

So in that sense, Pre JYM doesn’t fare well against 4Gauge’s natural formula. But what about it’s overall effectiveness?

Our Thoughts on the Formula:

Pre JYM has a more aggressive dose of caffeine (300mg vs 150mg in 4Gauge). You’ll love this if you’re tolerant to caffeine and if smaller doses don’t give you the boost they once did.

However, if you get ‘twitchy’ and experience energy crashes from higher doses of caffeine, then 300mg could prove to be too much, and cause you a slew of other side effects as well.

Other ingredients in Pre JYM look good. BCAAs will help replenish your muscles while you train, however, they also reduce serotonin brain levels, which can make you feel moody and ‘down’. This is why some bodybuilders love BCAAs, while others who’re more sensitive to their negative side effects don’t like them. It all boils down to your unique body chemistry.

Which Ingredient Profile Looks Better Overall?

It’s ultimately down to your personal preference, but we will go with 4Gauge.


Because, it’s 100% natural compared to Pre JYM which contains synthetic sweeteners. And 4Gauge is also more sensibly dosed so you can experience the full muscle pump and performance benefits without risking side effects or energy crashes.

Also, you can easily “double scoop” 4Gauge if you want stronger effects.

4Gauge vs Pre JYM – Side Effects

In terms of side effects, 4Gauge is unlikely to give you any. The 150mg of caffeine per serving is a dose that most people will tolerate extremely well – giving you plenty of clean and stable energy for your lifting sessions.

Pre JYM is more aggressive, which can be a huge benefit for some, but also cause side effects for others. 300mg of caffeine is quite a lot, so if you’re not used to that, it may give you:

  • Nausea
  • Headaches
  • Irritability
  • Mood swings
  • Energy crashes

As we mentioned, there’s also the issue with suclarose in Pre JYM. It’s been shown in some studies to be harmful to our gut health, and may even be detrimental to cognitive function.

But if you’re used to having high amounts of caffeine throughout the day, and if you don’t mind the Sucralose, then Pre JYM is an excellent choice and shouldn’t cause you much trouble!

4Gauge vs Pre JYM – Customer Reviews

4Gauge and Pre JYM both enjoy excellent reviews online.

As we said, it ultimately boils down to your personal preference.

Some users prefer the cleaner energy and pumps they get from 4Gauge, while others like the more aggressive effects of Pre JYM.

The same goes for flavor – some prefer the natural, sweet aroma of 4Gauge, while others don’t mind the aftertaste of artificial sweeteners in Pre JYM.

In terms of mixability, both products are great and should dissolve within seconds of you mixing them with a spoon, or shaking in your shaker bottle.

The Bottom Line

So that finalizes our 4Gauge vs Pre JYM review.

While both are excellent products with excellent ratings online, there can only be one winner.

For us, the winner is 4Gauge.

Not only is it 100% natural, tastes great and dissolves instantly, it also contains some of the best pre workout ingredients in their clinically researched dosed. It’s very safe and effective. As far as price goes, it costs a bit more than Pre JYM but the price goes down drastically when you buy multiple boxes (buying 3 gets you 1 extra bottle for free), along with free fasts worldwide shipping.

Pre JYM is not a bad choice by any means, but it’s not 100% natural (contains an artificial sweetener) and some of its ingredients are too aggressively dosed for our liking. One advantage of Pre JYM is that it offers more flavors.

So if you don’t mind the high amounts of caffeine and suclarose in Pre JYM, you can’t go wrong with either one!

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Alteril Review, Info and Buying Guide – Can it Help You Sleep? https://pdppro.com/alteril-review/ https://pdppro.com/alteril-review/#respond Thu, 29 Oct 2020 14:08:00 +0000 https://pharmacygig.com/?p=83 Here’s our Alteril review. Our team will be analyzing this sleep supplement to see if it lives up to the hype it’s been getting online. [...]

The post Alteril Review, Info and Buying Guide – Can it Help You Sleep? appeared first on PDPPro.com.

Here’s our Alteril review. Our team will be analyzing this sleep supplement to see if it lives up to the hype it’s been getting online.

So, what is Alteril exactly?

Alteril is a PM supplement made to help you fall asleep faster, and stay asleep. It can also reportedly improve sleep quality so you can wake up refreshed. As such, Alteril is mainly used for insomnia and other sleep related problems.

This “maximum strength” sleep aid comes with 60 ct per package and claims to be all-natural. We have to call them on this right from the start as some of the ingredients in Alteril are not natural, as you’ll see below.

That said, Alteril is not a sleep medication. It’s an OTC supplement with a mixture of synthetic and natural ingredients.

If you want to learn how it works and whether it can help you sleep, and if it’s good value for money, keep reading as we dissect the key information.

*Please remember that PDPPro doesn’t offer advice; our posts are for entertainment and informational purposes only! Always get a go-ahead from a qualified professional before considering a new supplement.

Who Makes Alteril?

Very little is known about Alteril’s manufacturers.

When investigating their website for the purpose of this review, we weren’t able to find any concrete answers on when the company was founded, or what the company that makes Alteril is even called.

The official Alteril website is simply called Alteril.com. It appears this product earned its popularity mainly through Amazon and other 3rd party sellers.

Formula Analysis

Alteril Ingredients - Does This PM Supplement Work?

Alteril comes with a serving of 2 capsules.

Each serving contains the following ingredients:

  • L-Tryptophan (666mg)
  • Glycine (50mg)
  • Melatonin (4mg)
  • GABA (Unknown Amount)
  • Skullcap Herb Extract (Unknown Amount)
  • Valerian Root Extract (Unknown Amount)
  • Chamomile Herb (Unknown Amount)
  • Hops Extract (Unknown Amount)
  • Passionflower Extract (Unknown Amount)

As you can see, only 3 ingredients show their dose on the label. The rest of Alteril’s formula is hidden in a proprietary blend, which is a mixture of ingredients shown as a single dose on the label.

This is an issue for several reasons. One is that you can’t tell if the ingredient doses are effective. Another reason is that the ingredient doses could be too high and in turn cause side effects.

Alteril also has many filler ingredients, including the potentially harmful titanium dioxide.

Here’s a closer look:


Alteril is off to a good start.

Tryptophan is an amino acid found in some foods. You may have heard that turkey makes people sleepy. Part of the reason is that turkey contains L-Tryptophan.

L-Tryptophan converts to serotonin in your brain; serotonin later turns to melatonin – the sleep molecule. [4]

Alteril has 666mg of Tryptophan per serving too, which is plenty.


Glycine is an amino acid. It plays numerous roles in your body, from calming racing thoughts and anxiety to helping your liver make more antioxidants such as glutathione.

Glycine can aid sleep, but only in the right amounts. Since your body already gets 2g of glycine per day from foods, you’ll need to add at least an extra gram or two to your diet to notice a difference in your sleep. [3]

Alteril only contains 50mg!


Melatonin is a sleep hormone naturally made by your brain. It’s also found in foods such as tart cherries.

However, melatonin in Alteril PM is synthetic, making it inferior to the melatonin found in other top-rated sleep supplements.


GABA is a neurotransmitter – a brain chemical that calms nerves and puts you in a good mood. GABA is what gives you that social buzz after drinking alcohol.

Interestingly, your brain doesn’t want any extra GABA from outside sources because it makes it on its own. This means that taking GABA as a supplement is pointless – it can’t pass your blood-brain barrier. [2]

Skullcap Herb Extract

Skullcap is a plant native to North America. It’s been traditionally used as a sedative – aiding sleep duration and quality.

The issue is, these traditional uses aren’t backed by science. Most of the current research on this herb looks lackluster at best. [1]

Valerian Root Extract

Valerian is another unproven ingredient in Alteril.

Although it’s been used as a folk remedy for insomnia and other sleep troubles, it hasn’t replicated these results in studies.

We’d rather prefer to see Montmorency tart cherry or magnesium – both proven sleep aids – in its stead here.

Chamomile Herb

Chamomile is an herb of which people make tea. Most people who drink tea say it helps them sleep.

However, chamomile powders and extracts aren’t shown to have the same effects.

Drinking chamomile tea is cheaper and more effective than this ingredient.

Hops Extract

Hops is a common ingredient in beer. It’s what makes beer more sedative than other alcoholic drinks.

Hops is a great ingredient, although not at the same level as some of the best sleep aids currently available.

Passionflower Extract

Much like a few other ingredients in Alteril, Passionflower is not supported by evidence that it can improve sleep.

Until more research comes out, we can’t recommend it as one of the best sleep aids.

How to Use Alteril (Instructions)

Alteril dosage directions are to take 2 capsules before bedtime. Ideally, without food to allow the ingredients to efficiently dissolve in your body.

Some people ask, how many Alteril pills can you take? The label states 2 per day, which is what you should stick to. Never exceed the recommended dosage before you talk with your doctor!

Keep in mind that each Alteril box comes with 60 tablets. If you stick to the recommended dose it will last you a full month.

You may have compared Alteril’s softgels vs tablets, wondering which version of the supplement is better. The good news is, it doesn’t matter. Both digest equally well. It only boils down to your personal preference.

Side Effects?

Can you overdose from Alteril sleep aid? It’s possible if you don’t stick to the dosage recommendations on the label.

If you stick to the recommended doses, then Alteril is unlikely to cause any side effects. Some of the ingredients are underresearched, but they aren’t known to cause health issues.

In some rare cases, Alteril has been reported to cause diarrhea and nightmares.

It’s also best to check with your doctor if you take any drugs to avoid interactions with Alteril.

Alteril Reviews – What do Others Say?

If you’ve checked online Alteril reviews, such as those on Reddit, you may have seen plenty of positive but also negative testimonials.

We ultimately recommend doing your own research by looking what the evidence says about the product’s ingredients.

This, along with consulting with your physician, is a much better way of telling if the supplement is good rather than reading questionable online reviews! These can easily be moderated so you can’t tell if they’re honest or not.

**Side note: Some people search on Google if there is info about Alteril on Wikipedia. At the time of writing this, there’s none.

Cost & Where to Buy?

Alteril costs $16.91 on Amazon for a package of 30 servings.

However, if buying from the official website, you’re covered by a money-back guarantee. If you use the entire Alteril pack without any results, you can return it for a full refund (including shipping and handling).

Since it’s available on Amazon and other online stores, you can get Alteril in Canada, Australia, UK and virtually any other place in the world.

The last time we checked, you could also get Alteril in stores such as Walgreens, Walmart and Target.

Alteril vs Melatonin – What’s Better?

Alteril contains melatonin, amongst other ingredients, some of which are proven to help sleep and others aren’t.

This is why although it’s better than melatonin alone, Alteril is not as good as some of the current highest rated sleep aids on the market.

That being said, melatonin as a supplement is much cheaper. So if money is an issue, it’s worth picking it over Alteril.

Alteril Review Conclusion

So that concludes our Alteril review. Is this sleep aid worth the money?

Although relatively cheap, Alteril is lower in quality than some other sleep supplements out there.

Although it’s being marketed as “all-natural,” it’s not; it contains synthetic melatonin and other man-made ingredients.

Alteril is also missing magnesium, one of the most essential ingredients in a sleep aid.

If you can’t afford anything more effective at the moment, however, it’s still a decent option.


  • Contains hops, a natural sedative
  • High dose of L-Tryptophan
  • Relatively cheap – $16.49 per packet


  • Missing several core ingredients
  • Synthetic melatonin
  • Uses a few ingredients that aren’t proven to work


  1. Skullcap – WebMD.
  2. Remler MP, Marcussen WH. A GABA-EEG test of the blood-brain barrier near epileptic foci. Appl Neurophysiol. 1983;46(5-6):276-285. doi:10.1159/000101274
  3. Glycine – Examine.
  4. Hartmann E. Effects of L-tryptophan on sleepiness and on sleep. J Psychiatr Res. 1982;17(2):107-113. doi:10.1016/0022-3956(82)90012-7

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Gundry MD PrebioThrive Review & Buying Guide: Is it Any Good? https://pdppro.com/gundry-md-prebiothrive-review/ https://pdppro.com/gundry-md-prebiothrive-review/#respond Thu, 29 Oct 2020 11:12:00 +0000 https://pharmacygig.com/?p=91 Here’s our PrebioThrive review. PrebioThrive is a prebiotic dietary supplement that consists of 5 different types of fiber that can reportedly aid your digestion and [...]

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Here’s our PrebioThrive review. PrebioThrive is a prebiotic dietary supplement that consists of 5 different types of fiber that can reportedly aid your digestion and gut health. It comes in a powder form that you mix with water and drinks daily.

What is PrebioThrive used for? It’s mainly used to promote:

  • Healthy gut microbiome (more ‘good’ bacteria, less ‘bad’ ones)
  • Regularity
  • Digestion
  • Nutrient absorption

Since our gut governs virtually all aspects of our health, improving your gut with prebiotics can also boost your:

  • Energy levels & vitality
  • Mood
  • Exercise performance
  • Mental sharpness and thinking

So, does PrebioThrive work? Below, we’ll analyze each ingredient up close to see if Dr. Gundry’s product can hold up to its claims, so you can ultimately decide if it’s a good value for money for you.

*Please remember that PDPPro doesn’t offer advice; our posts are for entertainment and informational purposes only! Always get a go-ahead from a qualified professional before considering a new supplement.

Why Are Prebiotics Good for You?

Prebiotics are fiber that supports the healthy growth of your good bacteria.

Prebiotics are very much different from probiotics. Probiotics are your gut bacteria, as well as the bacteria that you ingest through food sources such as kefir.

While probiotic supplements have overshadowed prebiotics for many years in the past, this is slowly changing. With new studies emerging showing the profound benefits of prebiotic fiber on human health.

From alleviating IBS, improving digestion & nutrient absorption, relieving bloating, all the way to improving mental clarity and depression – yes, prebiotics can do all of that and more. Thanks to the gut-brain connection that’s facilitated by the vagus nerve that extends from your intestines all the way to your brain.

Ultimately, prebiotics are a superfood that many of us don’t consume enough. They can improve your regularity, but you must consume at least 25-30g of them per day. A typical American eats only 5-10g per day.

Low fiber intake does more than just leave you bloated and feeling unwell, though. It’s also been associated with an increased risk of diseases and an early risk of death.

The bottom line is: If you can’t manage to include enough leafy greens, fruits, legumes and other prebiotic-rich sources in your diet, then taking a prebiotic supplement can help you massivelly. However, it needs to be a good prebiotic supplement.

Is PrebioThrive by Dr. Gundry such a product? Let’s continue with this PrebioThrive review to find out.

PrebioThrive Mixability

Does PrebioThrive dissolve well? Although it’s marketed that it does, we haven’t found this to be true. Many other user reviews on Amazon say the same.

The good news is, PrebioThrive is all-natural and that includes flavors. However, you’ll have a hard time mixing it with a spoon – you may need a blender for it to dissolve completely.

PrebioThrive Nutrition Facts

Each serving (1 scoop, 10g) of PrebioThrive contains:

  • 30 calories
  • 8g carbs (7g of which are dietary fiber)
  • <1g protein
  • 25mg calcium
  • 35mg sodium

Here’s an image of PrebioThrive’s label from the official website:

Below, we’re going to look at the active ingredients in PrebioThrive and how they work.

Formula Analysis

PrebioThrive is made of, you’ve guessed it, prebiotics. It features 5 main prebiotic ingredients, they are:

  • Acacia Gum
  • Agave Inulin
  • Flaxseed
  • Galacto-oligosaccharides
  • Guar Gum

One issue is that these probiotics are all included as one single blend. This proprietary blend doesn’t show you the dose of each ingredient on the label. This makes it impossible to assess ingredient amounts for safety or effectiveness.

On the bright side, there is no expiration date on PrebioThrive. As long as you store it in a cool and dry place, it can last for years.

If you’ve checked the details on the PrebioThrive ingredient label, you may ask: Why does PrebioThrive contain milk?

Dr. Gundry extracts an immune-modulating sugar from milk, but this sugar isn’t found in PrebioThrive. However, Dr. Gundry is required by law to put it on the label as “contains milk” even though it’s completely safe for lactose intolerant.

Here’s a closer look at the ingredients in PrebioThrive

Acacia Gum

Acacia Gum is a natural hardened sap extracted from the acacia tree. It’s widely used in foods as a stabilizer. It contains compounds known as polysaccharides and glycoproteins, which feed your intestinal bacteria.

In some studies, Acacia Gum has been shown to lower cholesterol in the blood. However, Acacia Gum doesn’t selectively feed your good bacteria only; this limits its prebiotic benefits. [2]

Agave Inulin

This is a better choice than Acacia Gum.

Your body can’t digest agave inulin; but your gut bacteria can. And not just any gut bacteria – but Bifidobacterium.

Bifidobacterium are a strain of gut microorganisms known to influence our immunity, energy levels and mood.

Agave inulin has been shown to selectively feed your Bifidobacterium while also starving your ‘bad’ Desulfovibrio gut bacteria by up to 40%. Ultimately, this contributes to a more balanced gut microbiome as a whole. [1]

Although it’s sweet, Agave inulin has a low glycemic index. This makes it healthy for people who’re prone to high blood sugar and insulin resistance.


You won’t typically see flaxseeds in prebiotic supplements. However, they are a good source of prebiotics nonetheless, with 100g of flaxseeds providing 27g of fiber.

About 30% of that fiber is water soluble and indigestible. Coupled with the high omega-3 content in flaxseeds (particularly Alpha-Linoleic Acid), this makes them a decent general health ingredient.

However, flaxseeds are cheap and widely available in supermarkets. We don’t know how much of them are in PrebioThrive. The entire formula could be made of flaxseeds to save on production costs, which would make this a waste of money.


Galacto-oligosaccharides contain various galactosyl compounds and glucose. They are produced from lactose in milk through enzymatic conversions. This is why Gundry MD PrebioThrive has to have written “contains milk” on the label, even though there’s no milk or lactose left after it converts to galacto-oligosaccharides.

In any case, these are beneficial for your gut as they support the growth of Bifidobacterium specifically.

As we’ve seen, these are beneficial gut bacteria that contribute to your energy levels and overall health.

But just like the other ingredients in PrebioThrive, it’s a shame we don’t know how much Galacto-Oligosaccharidses is in it.

Guar Gum

This is another plant gum in PrebioThrive. It’s a decent ingredient if you’re suffering from IBS or excessive bloating. It’s been shown to help relieve these issues in some studies.

But while mildly beneficial for the gut microbiome, Guar Gum isn’t as effective as some of the top-ranked prebiotics on the market.

How to Use PrebioThrive (Instructions)

PrebioThrive is a naturally flavored powder that you should mix with water, smoothie or another beverage of your choice.

The recommended PrebioThrive dosage is one scoop daily with a blended drink, preferably something that contains probiotics – this creates a synbiotic effects. Alternatively, you can take it with a full glass of water.

However, if you have an extremely sensitive gut, you should start with half a scoop only. This product is known for causing bloating in some users.

Keep in mind that the mixability of PrebioThrive isn’t as great as marketed, so you may need to use a blender for it.

Side Effects?

PrebioThrive can cause diarrhea and gas in sensitive users. However, if you’re a relatively healthy person looking to support your gut health, it shouldn’t cause you any side effects, as long as you stick to the recommended dose.

The ingredients in PrebioThrive are well-known and used widely in many foods. As such, they shouldn’t cause you problems unless your digestion is extremely sensitive.

PrebioThrive Reviews – What do Others Say?

Looking through PrebioThrive Amazon reviews, the product has an average rating of 3.7/5 stars.

Although far from the best-rated product in its category, some users reported improvement in their regularity from using this product.

Then again, many users left bad PrebioThrive reviews – complaining about excessive bloating and stomach cramps, which is why we’ve recommended starting with just half a scoop of this product at first.

Cost & Where to Buy?

You can buy PrebioThrive in Australia, Canada, UK, US, and just about any other part of the world.

Although widely available, Gundry MD PrebioThrive will set you back by $79 for a container of just 30 servings.

This price, in our eyes, is over the top. Even the best rated prebiotic supplements on the market charge half as much, but they offer a wider range of benefits and are safer.

That being said, you may just get lucky and catch PrebioThrive while it’s on sale or get a PrebioThrive coupon code, which happens rarely if ever.

In terms of returns, you’re covered by a 90-day money back guarantee if you aren’t happy with PrebioThrive. Shipping and handling are not included, though.

PrebioThrive vs Total Restore – Which is Better?

Gundry MD PrebioThrive and Total Restore are two completely different supplements with different goals.

While PrebioThrive targets gut bacteria specifically, Total Restore focuses on healing your gut lining. This is achieved with ingredients such as glucosamine, glutamine, and wormwood powder.

Another key difference is that Gundry MD Total Restore shows each ingredient and its respective dose on the label clearly, while Gundry does not.

And while Total Restore is not the most effective supplement we’ve analyzed (it’s missing some core ingredients and uses several ineffective ones), we feel it’s still better than PrebioThrive.

PrebioThrive Review Conclusion

This concludes our PrebioThrive Review.

So, does PrebioThrive really work? Is it legit? It is not for several reasons.

The biggest one is that PrebioThrive hides ingredient doses on the label. So you can’t tell how much of each ingredient you’re getting.

For all we know, this supplement could be all made up of flaxseeds. In which case, it’d be a lot cheaper to simply get flaxseeds from your local grocery store, than paying $80 for this product.

Another issue with PrebioThrive is that it’s missing fiber from chicory root, which is arguably the most effective natural prebiotic in existence. This is why supplements like Performance Lab Prebiotic use it – and still cost a fraction of PrebioThrive’s price.

Even if PrebioThrive had all the right ingredients, in the right doses, we still wouldn’t rate it as one of the leading prebiotic supplements on the market right now because that isn’t worth $80 for just 30 servings.


  • PrebioThrive is gluten free
  • Contains Agave Inulin which selectively feeds Bifidobacterium
  • May help contribute to bacteria growth in the gut


  • The entire formula is a proprietary blend
  • We can’t tell how much of each ingredient is in it
  • It potentially consists mostly of flaxseeds with only a miniscule amount of other prebiotics thrown in
  • Missing some core ingredients
  • $80 per container is too expensive even for the top-rated supplements


  1. Hannah D Holscher, Laura L Bauer, Vishnupriya Gourineni, Christine L Pelkman, George C Fahey, Jr., Kelly S Swanson, Agave Inulin Supplementation Affects the Fecal Microbiota of Healthy Adults Participating in a Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled, Crossover Trial, The Journal of Nutrition, Volume 145, Issue 9, September 2015, Pages 2025–2032.
  2. Slavin J. Fiber and prebiotics: mechanisms and health benefits. Nutrients. 2013;5(4):1417-1435. Published 2013 Apr 22. doi:10.3390/nu5041417

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Lion’s Mane Mushroom Info & Wiki https://pdppro.com/lions-mane-mushroom/ https://pdppro.com/lions-mane-mushroom/#respond Thu, 29 Oct 2020 10:12:00 +0000 https://pharmacygig.com/?p=111 Lion’s Mane Mushroom (AKA, Heiricum erinaceus) is mushroom known for its culinary and medicinal uses. Growing in Euroasia and North America, Lion’s Mane is the [...]

The post Lion’s Mane Mushroom Info & Wiki appeared first on PDPPro.com.

Lion’s Mane Mushroom (AKA, Heiricum erinaceus) is mushroom known for its culinary and medicinal uses.

Growing in Euroasia and North America, Lion’s Mane is the only known mushroom with nootropic effects – meaning, it can affect your brain function.

Because of its growing popularity, researchers have been investigating Lion’s Mane Mushroom benefits, which include:

  • Reduced brain fog
  • Improved mood & mental well-being
  • Potential reductions in depression and anxiety
  • Stronger immune system

Lion’s Mane contains active compounds such as hericenones and erinacines, which are suggested to be behind its benefits.

While promising, the research on Lion’s Mane Mushroom is still early, with additional human studies needed to confirm its reported effects.

*Please remember that PDPPro doesn’t offer advice; our posts are for entertainment and informational purposes only! Always get a go-ahead from a qualified professional before considering a new supplement.

Physical Effects

  • Supports Immunity
  • May Lower Chronic Inflammation

Mental Effects

  • Stimulates Brain Cell Repair & Growth
  • Enhances Mental Clarity
  • May Reduce Symptoms of Depression
  • May Help Fight Cognitive Decline

How Does Lion’s Mane Work?

Although the mechanism of action of Lion’s Mane isn’t yet fully understood, studies show it can boost physical & cognitive health in the following ways.

  1. Stimulates Nerve Growth Factor (NGF)

Lion’s Mane is best known for boosting Nerve Growth Factor synthesis. A type of protein found in the brain, NGF influences survival, maintenance, and regeneration of neurons.

Your brain needs NGF to stay resilient and healthy. Various neurological conditions reduce how much NGF your brain makes.

A 2013 study from Kuala Lumpur is one of many showing that Lion’s Mane increases NGF synthesis and neurite outgrowth. [1]

  1. Lowers Inflammation Markers

One of the ways Lion’s Mane is speculated to boost neuron health is by lowering inflammation.

In one study, animals with gut inflammation were relieved of their symptoms – including pain and internal bleeding – after receiving Lion’s Mane. [2]

In another study, lion’s mane extract reduced animals’ brain injury and levels of inflammatory cytokines. [3]

Cell studies show similar results, in addition to reductions in nitric oxide, reactive oxygen species, prostaglandin, and key inflammatory marker NF-κB. [4]

As promising as this research looks, no human studies have yet looked into these effects, so you should take them with a grain of salt.

  1. Bolsters the Immune System

Chemicals in Lion’s Mane have been shown to improve immune function.

As you may have noticed, most of the studies around Lion’s Mane have been done on animals and in cells, and the same is with this one.

The researchers in this study found that polysaccharides in the mushroom enhance immune cell activity in the intestinal walls. [5]

Another mice study reported an increase in T cells and macrophages, which fight tumors. [6]

In terms of bacteria, Lion’s Mane has been shown to extend lifespan and protect from liver damage in mice injected with a lethal dose of Salmonella Typhimurium. [7]

Side Effects – Is Lion’s Mane Mushroom Safe?

Being an edible mushroom, Lion’s Mane is considered very safe when consumed in moderate amounts.

With that said, very few human studies have looked into the side effects of lion’s mane or its extracts specifically.

In animal studies, even extremely high doses of Lion’s Mane didn’t cause any adverse effects.

You may come across reports of people having skin rashes or digestive issues from Lion’s Mane, but these cases are extremely rare.

Needless to say, if you’re sensitive to mushrooms in general, you should avoid taking Lion’s Mane.


The optimal dosage of Lion’s Mane Mushroom is 500-1,000mg, taken 1 to 3 times daily.

However, the dose can vary greatly depending on your age and lifestyle, as well as the strength of the Lion’s Mane extract. You can take Lion’s Mane in capsules or as a powder.

You’ll also find it in numerous supplements, such as ‘nootropics,’ which combine multiple ingredients that have been suggested to enhance mood & cognition. .

As with any supplement, it’s always best to start with the lowest dosage of Lion’s Mane to see how your body reacts. Also, talk with your doctor if you have any questions, as well as if you suffer from any type of condition.


  1. Lai PL, Naidu M, Sabaratnam V, et al. Neurotrophic properties of the Lion’s mane medicinal mushroom, Hericium erinaceus (Higher Basidiomycetes) from Malaysia. Int J Med Mushrooms. 2013;15(6):539-554. doi:10.1615/intjmedmushr.v15.i6.30
  2. Qin M, Geng Y, Lu Z, et al. Anti-Inflammatory Effects of Ethanol Extract of Lion’s Mane Medicinal Mushroom, Hericium erinaceus (Agaricomycetes), in Mice with Ulcerative Colitis. Int J Med Mushrooms. 2016;18(3):227-234. doi:10.1615/IntJMedMushrooms.v18.i3.50
  3. Lee KF, Chen JH, Teng CC, et al. Protective effects of Hericium erinaceus mycelium and its isolated erinacine A against ischemia-injury-induced neuronal cell death via the inhibition of iNOS/p38 MAPK and nitrotyrosine. Int J Mol Sci. 2014;15(9):15073-15089. Published 2014 Aug 27. doi:10.3390/ijms150915073
  4. Kim YO, Lee SW, Oh CH, Rhee YH. Hericium erinaceus suppresses LPS-induced pro-inflammation gene activation in RAW264.7 macrophages. Immunopharmacol Immunotoxicol. 2012;34(3):504-512. doi:10.3109/08923973.2011.633527
  5. Sheng X, Yan J, Meng Y, et al. Immunomodulatory effects of Hericium erinaceus derived polysaccharides are mediated by intestinal immunology. Food Funct. 2017;8(3):1020-1027. doi:10.1039/c7fo00071e
  6. Wang JC, Hu SH, Su CH, Lee TM. Antitumor and immunoenhancing activities of polysaccharide from culture broth of Hericium spp. Kaohsiung J Med Sci. 2001;17(9):461-467.
  7. Kim SP, Moon E, Nam SH, Friedman M. Hericium erinaceus mushroom extracts protect infected mice against Salmonella Typhimurium-Induced liver damage and mortality by stimulation of innate immune cells. J Agric Food Chem. 2012;60(22):5590-5596. doi:10.1021/jf300897w

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Somnapure Sleep Aid Review & Info https://pdppro.com/somnapure-review/ https://pdppro.com/somnapure-review/#respond Thu, 29 Oct 2020 09:25:00 +0000 https://pharmacygig.com/?p=152 Here’s our Somnapure review. Somnapure is a sleep aid supplement designed to help with sleep onset and quality. In other words, Somnapure promises to help [...]

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Here’s our Somnapure review. Somnapure is a sleep aid supplement designed to help with sleep onset and quality.

In other words, Somnapure promises to help you fall asleep faster, but also stay asleep for longer. It comes with 60 capsules per bottle and is quite popular online.

In this review, we’ll see if Somnapure’s claims stand up and how it compares to other sleep supplements on the market in terms of quality, effectiveness, and value for money.

*Please remember that PDPPro doesn’t offer advice; our posts are for entertainment and informational purposes only! Always get a go-ahead from a qualified professional before considering a new supplement.

Formula Analysis

Each serving of Somnapure (2 tablets) contains the following ingredients:

  • Valerian Root Extract (500mg)
  • Lemon Balm (Melissa Officinalis) (500mg)
  • L-Theanine (200mg)
  • Hops Extract (120mg)
  • Chamomile Extract (50mg)
  • Passion Flower (50mg)
  • Melatonin (3mg)

We like that this is not a proprietary formula. Many manufacturers tend to create these “proprietary blends” where ingredients in them are mixed as one single value on the label.

In other words, you can only see the total dose of the ingredients in the blend – but not their individual doses. Why is this an issue?

Because, not knowing how much of what you’re getting is like gambling. You could end up getting side effects. Or, some ingredients could be underdosed without you knowing.

These are just some of the reasons why we’d recommend steering clear of products with proprietary blends. Luckily, Somnapure isn’t one of them.

But apart from that. You’re probably wondering if the ingredients in Somnapure work, and if they are safe.

Let’s analyze.

Valerian Root Extract

Valerian is a plant commonly used for sleep. The roots are used for brewing tea or eaten for relaxation and sedation.

But while valerian enjoys a decent popularity, current evidence suggests it doesn’t work for sleep.

In fact, very few human studies were done on valerian. The ones that were done showed no positive results compared to a placebo.

Still, many people report it helps calm them down and reduce anxiety. Due to Valerian’s mild effect on GABA (a calming neurotransmitter), valerian might indeed help with relaxation, but without actually improving sleep quality itself.

Lemon Balm (Melissa Officinalis)

Lemon Balm is another understudied ingredient in Somnapure. Commonly, its used for reducing anxiety. There’s some evidence that shows it may help you in this regard.

But as far as sleep improvements go, the studies look mixed. And most of them were done on animals.

Until more research comes out, we can’t rate Lemon Balm as one of the best sleep aids available.


L-Theanine is a decent ingredient. It boosts GABA in your brain, which leads to feelings of relaxation. GABA is a neurotransmitter that gets released when you drink alcohol, for example. This is part of the reason why alcohol acts as a ‘relaxant’ and ‘social lubricant’.

However, L-Theanine also affects your alpha brain waves. Which are linked to states of peace and tranquility. All of this sounds good – however, once again, L-Theanine doesn’t actually improve sleep quality itself.

At best, it may help you drift off into sleep a bit quicker.

Hops Extract

Hops is a good sedative. This is actually been shown to aid with sedation and sleep. Part of the reason why beer tends to make people sleepy more than other forms of alcohol is due to hops.

While hops alone can’t do wonders, it’s a solid choice when you combine it with other proven sleep aids.

Chamomile Extract

Chamomile is commonly brewed to make tea. The tea is known to have relaxing effects.

But taking chamomile as an extract in a supplement doesn’t seem to have the same effects.

As a result, it’s cheaper and more effective to just drink some chamomile tea instead.

Passion Flower

Passionflower is similar to Valerian in terms of its studies. Very little human research is there to show it can help with sleep.

At best, Passionflower might aid in reducing nervousness and racing thoughts, which is anecdotally reported to indirectly help with sleep.

Again, though, we’ll need more research to confirm that this is true.


Melatonin is the most effective ingredient in Somnapure. It’s in fact the only real sleep aid.

A sleep supplement without melatonin is like a multivitamin without vitamins.

Still, Somnapure could certainly up the quality of the melatonin they use – the best sleep supplements will source melatonin from natural sources like tart cherries.

Somnapure unfortunately uses a synthetic form of melatonin which should still work but is not as bioavailable.

How to Use Somnapure

Somnapure dosage instructions are to take 2 tablets before going to bed.

Ideally, on an empty stomach.

Side Effects?

Although many of Somnapure’s ingredients aren’t proven to help sleep, they are relatively safe in terms of side effects.

None of the ingredients are reported in studies to cause any serious issues. Also, the doses that Somnapure uses are within safe limits.

Cost & Where to Buy?

Somnapure costs $21.08 for a bottle of 30 servings.

You can buy it directly on the official website, as well as on third party resellers like Amazon and eBay.

Somnapure Review Conclusion

That concludes our Somnapure review.

Although it’s not the most effective sleep aid, it at least contains melatonin and hops, both of which can actually improve sleep onset and quality.

That said, for a price of $21, it’s as good as it gets. If you want the most effective natural sleep aid, then we recommend doing more research.


  • 30 servings per bottle
  • Cheap
  • Hops and Melatonin help with sedation


  • The rest of the formula isn’t proven to boost sleep quality
  • Uses synthetic form of melatonin

More Reviews

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Lectin Shield Review – Does Dr. Gundry’s Product Work? https://pdppro.com/lectin-shield-review/ https://pdppro.com/lectin-shield-review/#respond Thu, 29 Oct 2020 08:18:00 +0000 https://pharmacygig.com/?p=102 Here’s our Gundry MD Lectin Shield review. In it, our team will be analyzing this product’s ingredients to see if it can block lectin absorption [...]

The post Lectin Shield Review – Does Dr. Gundry’s Product Work? appeared first on PDPPro.com.

Here’s our Gundry MD Lectin Shield review. In it, our team will be analyzing this product’s ingredients to see if it can block lectin absorption and support your gut health.

If you already didn’t know, lectins are proteins found in many plant foods. Many people get negative effects from eating lectins – such as reduced energy, bloating, intestinal cramps and high blood sugar.

Lectin Shield, as the name suggests, is there to make life easier for you.

Claimed benefits of Lectin Shield are:

  • Promotes regularity and pleasant bathroom visits
  • Helps reduce feelings of gas and bloating
  • Aids against out-of-control food cravings

Sounds promising! But does it really work? We analyze everything in depth below.

*Please remember that PDPPro doesn’t offer advice; our posts are for entertainment and informational purposes only! Always get a go-ahead from a qualified professional before considering a new supplement.

Formula Analysis

Here are the ingredients in Gundry MD Lectin Shield as shown on the label:

  • N-Acetyl D-Glucosamine (300mg)
  • Bladderwrack (200mg)
  • D-Mannose (100mg)
  • Okra Fruit (100mg)
  • Mucin (100mg)
  • Sodium Alginate (100mg)
  • Vegetable Peptase (50mg)
  • Methylsulfonylmethane (50mg)
  • Larch Arabinogalactan (50mg)

Looking at the ingredients, you can see their doses clearly on the label, which is good. Typically, many of these food supplements use proprietary blends, which are a mixture of ingredients that don’t disclose exactly how much of each ingredient you’re getting.

So, transparency is there. But do the ingredients in Lectin Shield actually work?

See for yourself:

N-Acetyl D-Glucosamine

Glucosamine is a molecule extracted from shellfish. It has joint soothing properties; specifically, it alleviates joint pain associated with arthritis.

N-Acetyl D-Glucosamine can also aid gut health by blocking the absorption of anti-nutrients in wheat.

As such, it’s a solid ingredient for a supplement called ‘Lectin Shield’. Although some studies suggest it may cause insulin resistance, this hasn’t been proven in more robust research.

The only annoying side effect of Glucosamine, ironically, is bloating and flatulence! [1]


Bladderwrack, or Fucus vesiculosus, is a brown seaweed. It’s a good source of iodine and L-Fucose compounds.

The latter are known for having anti-obesity, anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Bladderwrack isn’t the most effective ingredient for gut health specifically, though. It’d be better to replace it with something that aids gut health integrity and with that, shields from lectin’s effects.


D-Mannose is a simple sugar with only one sugar molecule. Naturally found in apples, oranges, peaches, green beans, and broccoli, it’s similar in structure to glucose.

D-Mannose is commonly used to treat urinary tract infections (UTI). Again, though, it’s not proven to block lectins or aid gut health in any significant way. [2]

Okra Fruit

Okra (ochro, Ladies’ fingers) is a plant with edible green seapods. Native to Africa and Southern Asia, Okra is prized for its impressive nutrient profile – containing beneficial antioxidants that aid heart health and can regulate your blood sugar.

However, once again, it’s an ineffective ingredient for blocking lectins. Although it has some fiber, it doesn’t quite belong among the best gut health ingredients.


This is not something you’ll commonly see in supplements, let alone gut health supplements.

Although potentially beneficial for skin health and cartilage, it’s a disguisting ingredient that won’t ‘shield’ you from lectins.

Sodium Alginate

Sodium Alginate is a compound extracted from brown seaweed. You’ll see it in commercially available cheeses, yogurts, and creams, where it’s used as a stabilizer and emulsifier.

This food additive can actually be beneficial for your gut. It’s been shown to aid gut cell integrity along with protecting from lectins themselves. [3]

Vegetable Peptase

Vegetable peptase is an enzyme that helps you digest proteins. Your body naturally makes peptase.

We rarely advocate using digestive enzymes as this can suppress your body’s own natural production.

In other words, once you stop taking digestive enzymes you may not be able to digest foods like you did before, and you may need to keep using them just to get back to normal.


Methylsulfonylmethane or simply MSM is a compound similar to glucosamine in effects.

It helps reduce joint swelling and pain in athletes and those who put their ankles through a lot of strain. [4]

Not the best gut health ingredient, though.

Larch Arabinogalactan

Larch Arabinogalactan is commonly found in some plants and bacteria. It’s a compound shown, in animal and cell studies, to aid the immune system.

However, very few if any human studies on this ingredient exist, and we don’t know if it is safe to supplement long-term.

Ironically, Larch Arabinogalactan has been reported to cause flatulence and bloating in some users. Making it a highly unreliable gut health ingredient.

How to Use Lectin Shield (Instructions)

Dosage directions for Gundry MD Lectin Shield are to take 2 capsules, twice per day, with two of your biggest meals of the day. Ideally, those that contain lectins.

Side Effects?

Gundry MD Lectin Shield uses a number of underresearched ingredients, some of which are known to lead to bloating and flatulence.

As such, it may actually worsen gut health in users who’re very sensitive to its ingredients.

The best way to check if it will work for you is by going to a qualified MD and showing them the ingredients of this product.

Based on your history, they should be able to tell whether you’re OK to take this product, as well as whether Gundry MD Lectin Shield has any drug interactions in case you take any medications.

Cost & Where to Buy?

Gundry MD Lectin Shield costs $79.95 on the official website. It’s also available on Amazon, GNC and other 3rd party sellers, as well as in stores such as Costco and Walmart.

Due to its wide availability, you can get Lectin Shield in the USA, UK, Australia, Canada and virtually any other country in the world.

The obvious downside of Lectin Shield is its massive price. With only a few high quality and proven ingredients in it, it’s not a great value for money either.

You could occasionally come across Lectin Shield discounts and coupon codes on the official website, but these only typically happen once or twice per day.

Lectin Shield Reviews – What do Other Customers Say?

So, what do Lectin Shield reviews tells us? Are Lectin Shield results real or fake? the truth is, you can never tell with these types of testimonials. Especially those on Amazon where it’s easy to leave a review that makes the product look worse or better than it really is.

Lectin Shield Reddit reviews aren’t any better either. Some users complained about having Gout attacks from Lectin Shield, while some reported it helped stop their food cravings but their bloating remained.

Ultimately, it’s best to do your own research of the ingredients – this is the best way to know if a product is safe and if it will work for you.

Lectin Shield vs Total Restore – What’s Better?

Gundry MD Total Restore and Lectin Shield are completely different supplements in terms of effects.

Lectin Shield is more focused on protecting you from anti-nutrients in wheat, as well as reducing high blood sugars. Total Restore, on the other hand, is more focused on repairing and maintaining healthy gut cell integrity.

Both products have their downsides – the main one is that they’re both extremely overpriced. Apart from this, both are missing a few core ingredients that we so often see in the best gut health supplements.

But if we had to pick one, we’d go with Total Restore just because it has ingredients more effective for gut health overall, whereas Lectin Shield has very weak effects.

Gundry MD Lectin Shield Review Conclusion

This concludes our Gundry MD Lectin Shield review.

So, does Lectin Shield really work? Although some users claim to have debunked Lectin Shield’s reported benefits, these reviews could easily be faked.

On the other hand, if you look at the actual research behind Lectin Shield, many of them aren’t proven to work. A few do work, but they’re just beneficial for balancing your blood sugar. As for lectins – no, you still won’t be able to eat them if you’re intolerant – this product won’t stop the bloating and other side effects.

Ironically, as we already said, some ingredients in Lectin Shield might make bloating and cramps worse. This is why, if you decide to buy this product, it’s best to start with only half a serving (1 capsule) to asses your tolerance.

if you ask us, though, this product isn’t worth the $80 it’s asking. It’s better to save the money and invest it into something that uses safer, gentler and proven ingredients that work.


  • Uses a few anti-inflammatory ingredients
  • Okra contains fiber that strengthens gut cell integrity
  • Sodium Alginate can help block lectin’s effects


  • Uses several unproven ingredients
  • Some ingredients, such as N-Acetyl D-Glucosamine, can aggravate bloating
  • D-Mannose is a pointless ingredient – it’s used for urinary tract infections
  • $79.95 for 30 servings is more than double of what best gut health supplements charge


  1. N-Acetyl D-Glucosamine – Verywell Health.
  2. D-Mannose – Examine.
  3. Lectins and Sodium Alginate – ResearchGate.
  4. Methylsulfonylmethane – Examine.

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Ginkgo Biloba Supplement Info & Wiki https://pdppro.com/ginkgo-biloba/ https://pdppro.com/ginkgo-biloba/#respond Thu, 29 Oct 2020 05:56:00 +0000 https://pharmacygig.com/?p=125 Ginkgo Biloba is one of the oldest species of trees on Earth. Dating back 270 million years and having survived major extinction events, it’s easy [...]

The post Ginkgo Biloba Supplement Info & Wiki appeared first on PDPPro.com.

Ginkgo Biloba is one of the oldest species of trees on Earth. Dating back 270 million years and having survived major extinction events, it’s easy to see why Ginkgo is called a “living fossil.”

Some Ginkgo trees grow to be 130 feet (39.6) meters high, and over 2,500 years old. In traditional Chinese medicine, where Ginkgo comes from, the leaves and seeds of the Ginkgo Tree have been used for asthma, coughs, poor circulation, and swelling of the hands and feet. [1]

Modern research has mostly focused on the benefits of Ginkgo extracts, which are made from the leaves. Ginkgo’s leaves contain potent antioxidants that are known to affect brain function – boosting blood flow, supporting neuron function, and offering other benefits we’ll discuss in this article.

While more human studies are needed to confirm how effective Ginkgo is, current evidence looks promising.

*Please remember that PDPPro doesn’t offer advice; our posts are for entertainment and informational purposes only! Always get a go-ahead from a qualified professional before considering a new supplement.

Physical Effects

  • Supports normal blood flow
  • Enhances skin elasticity & appearance
  • May help with blood sugar regulation
  • Fights inflammation & oxidative stress

Mental Effects

  • Improves mental clarity
  • Contributes to improved focus & alertness
  • May help with symptoms of anxiety and depression
  • Supports recall, memory and cognition

How Does Ginkgo Biloba Work?

Ginkgo has interesting mechanisms of action. In the context of this post, here are the main ways Ginkgo affects your mood and cognition:

1. Boosts Nitric Oxide (NO) Levels

Nitric Oxide (NO) is a molecule that widens and dilates your blood vessels. Many bodybuilders take supplements like L-Citrulline, which boosts NO, to improve muscle pumps.

However, Ginkgo Biloba is especially effective at boosting NO levels in the brain – increasing cerebral microcirculation. This process allows more oxygen and glucose to be delivered to your brain cells for neuronal health.

Because of its effects on brain blood flow, Ginkgo has been researched for its potential to improve memory, recall, learning and cognition. [2, 3]

A study from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine measured blood flow in 9 healthy men with MRI. Men went thorugh MRI’s before and after taking Ginkgo Beloba Extract 60mg twice per day for a month.

The study results showed that cerebral blood flow in all regions of the participant’s brains significantly changed after taking Ginkgo. [4]

2. Increases Antioxidant Activity in the Brain and Body

Ginkgo’s potential health effects may be the result of its antioxidant content. Containing high amounts of flavonoids and terpenoids, and other antioxidants, Ginkgo has the potential to neutralize the damaging effects of free radicals.

Free radicals are highy unstable particles and byproducts of your metabolism and other bodily functions. Free radicals can cause damage to your DNA and healthy tissue when they get out of control – this is a term called ‘oxidative stress’. High levels of oxidative stress are linked to disease and premature aging.

In simplest terms, antioxidants work by donating an extra electron to free radicals, turning them into healthy molecules in the process.

Research on Ginkgo and its ability to lower oxidative stress looks promising. However, science still isn’t sure how and if Ginkgo can assist in treating certain diseases.

3. Reduces Inflammation

Inflammation is highly correlated with oxidative stress. When one rises, often the other rises, too.

Some chronic conditions trigger inflammation in the body even when you aren’t ill or have an injury. Over time, this chronic inflammation can leave permanent damage in the body and brain. Leading to memory loss and cognitive decline.

Years of human cell and animal research shows that ginkgo extracts can reduce markers of inflammation in different disease states. [5, 6]

Some specific areas where Ginkgo has proven beneficial include:

  • Arthritis
  • IBS
  • Neuroinflammation

While the data looks encouraging, more human studies are needed before drawing any conclusions on gingko’s effects on these complex conditions.

4. Helps Executive Function & Processing Speed

Ginkgo is one of the most popular nootropics for memory. The word ‘nootropic’ is an increasingly popular term referring to substances and compounds that can safely and naturally support brain function.

Studies show that Ginkgo boosts mood, attention, and processing speed. A large study from Liberty University, Virginia recruited 262 adults. Lasting 6 weeks, this double-blind, placebo-controlled trial split the adults into two groups:

  • A placebo daily group
  • A 180mg of Ginkgo Biloba extract per day group

The study lasted 6 weeks. Afterwards, the participants went through a series of tests to assess aspects of their cognitive function. Interestingly, the Ginkgo group showed significant improvement in memory as well as verbal and visual recall. [7]

5. Supports Dopamine Production

Ginkgo biloba can boost dopamine levels. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that is very important for basic biological processes. The reward molecule, as it’s often called, dopamine is also very important for keeping you motivated and productive.

Ginkgo works as a monoamine oxidase inhibitor (MAOI). MAO is an enzyme that breaks down dopamine. One of the benefits of reducing MAO, and increasing dopamine by extension, is an improvement in anxiety and ADHD symptoms. [8, 9, 10]

A study review suggests that ginkgo supplementation may relieve symptoms of depression, too. [11] Animals who were given Ginkgo before a stressful situation had lower cortisol levels and were better able to cope with a stressor than those that weren’t given the supplement.

In one human study, 170 individuals suffering from generalized anxiety took either 240mg of 480mg of Ginkgo or a placebo daily. The group that received the highest dose of Ginkgo saw a 45% greater reduction in their anxiety symptoms compared to the control group. [12]

Side Effects – is Ginkgo Biloba Safe?

Possible side effects of Ginkgo Biloba include:

  • Dizziness
  • Headaches
  • Stomach Pain
  • Nausea & Vomiting
  • Rashes or other allergic reactions

Ginkgo is one of those supplements that you should not take before speaking with your doctor – especially if you have a condition.

For most healthy people, the risk of side effects from taking Ginkgo is very low, but there are specific cases where Ginkgo could do harm.

**Remember that this post is for entertainment & informational purposes only. If you’re seeking medical advice, you need to speak with a qualified MD.


The standard Ginkgo biloba dose used in studies is 40mg 3 times per day. However, many studies also use dosage that can range from 120-600mg per day depending on the goal of supplementation.

To get the most out of Ginkgo, you should supplement it for a minimum of 4 weeks. Reportedly, it takes up to 10 months of continuous Ginkgo supplementation to reach peak nootropic effects.


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Prevagen vs Neuriva Comparison – Which is Better for Your Mind? https://pdppro.com/prevagen-vs-neuriva/ https://pdppro.com/prevagen-vs-neuriva/#respond Wed, 28 Oct 2020 11:28:00 +0000 https://pharmacygig.com/?p=65 Here’s our Prevagen vs Neuriva comparison. If you’re not sure if you should buy Prevagen or Neuriva, this in-depth article will help you find out [...]

The post Prevagen vs Neuriva Comparison – Which is Better for Your Mind? appeared first on PDPPro.com.

Here’s our Prevagen vs Neuriva comparison. If you’re not sure if you should buy Prevagen or Neuriva, this in-depth article will help you find out which is the better option.

We’ll also compare Prevagen vs Neuriva Plus, and see how they compare to other ‘nootropic’ supplements on the market in terms of safety and effects.

Let’s jump straight into it.

*Please remember that PDPPro doesn’t offer advice; our posts are for entertainment and informational purposes only! Always get a go-ahead from a qualified professional before considering a new supplement.

Neuriva vs Prevagen – The Basics

Neuriva and Prevagen are both well known and popular brain performance supplements.

Both claim to boost certain aspects of your cognitive function.

Whereas Prevagen claims to enhance your memory specifically, and is reportedly most effective for elderly adults and those with mild cognitive impairment.

Neuriva claims to boost a wider array of mental functions, including:

  • Focus
  • Memory & Learning
  • Recall

Neither Neuriva or Prevagen claim to support long-term brain function and plasticity, or enhance mood, like some of the best rated supplements on the market.

So, which one is ultimately better for you? Neuriva or Prevagen? Prevagen or Neuriva?

It’s their ingredients that will tell us the answer.

The Ingredient Profiles

We’ll cut straight to the chase – neither Neuriva’s or Prevagen’s ingredients look too convincing.

Neuriva’s formula only has one ingredient that has been shown to affect brain health, whereas Prevagen only haves vitamin D that may support your mood. The rest of their formulas are completely ineffective.

One positive note about Prevagen and Neuriva, however, is that they’re free of proprietary blends. This means you can see the dose of each ingredient on the label.

Here’s a closer look at both product’s ingredients:

Neuriva Ingredients

Neuriva consists of only two ingredients:

  • Coffee Fruit Extract
  • Phosphatidylserine

What do these do, you ask?

Coffee Fruit Extract is an unproven ingredient. It’s an “extract” of a single compound of coffee fruit. Which compound that is, we can’t tell.

Neuriva’s makers say Coffee Fruit extract can boost BDNF levels. BDNF is a protein that stimulates the birth of new brain cells.

They draw on one study to support these claims; however, this study used a “whole coffee fruit concentrate” which contained multiple compounds in it. A coffee fruit “extract” is just a single compound extracted from the plant. We don’t even know which compound that is!

What about the other ingredient in Neuriva, Phosphatidylserine? Also known as PS, this is a fat found in high amounts in your brain. More specifically, in your brain cell membranes.

When your brain cell dies, PS helps dispose it and prevent it from doing damage to other cells. PS also aids in long-term brain cell health and communication.

All in all, Phosphatidylserine is an excellent ingredient. It can help fight cognitive decline.

That said, you won’t actually feel it working. This ingredient isn’t meant for short-term focus boost, or memory enhancement.

As a whole, Neuriva’s formula doesn’t look too good. It only contains one good ingredient – Phosphatidylserine. But it’s missing a lot that would make it much more effective at doing what it claims – which is increasing focus, improving memory and enhancing overall cognitive function.

Prevagen Ingredients

Prevagen too uses only 2 ingredients – Apoaequorin and vitamin D.

This isn’t ideal; the best nootropic formulas will often use multiple ingredients to enhance cognitive function from multiple angles. Two ingredients alone can rarely do much.

But is Prevagen an exception? Let’s check what its ingredients can (and can’t) do for you.

Vitamin D is known to affect brain function, especially mood. People who don’t get enough vitamin D tend to become depressed. But Prevagen only contains 50mcg (2,000IU) of vitamin D, which is too low to induce any notable changes in your blood vitamin D levels.

Anyone who’s supplemented vitamin D and tracked their blood levels knows you need at least 5,000IU, taken daily for months, to notice any changes.

But what about Apoaequorin? What does this ingredient do?

It’s a type of protein found in a glowing jellyfish. It was discovered only recently, in 1962, when a group of researchers found that calcium combined with Apoaequorin produces a glow that these jellyfish are known for.

In some laboratory cell studies and animal studies, Apoaequorin seemed to have promising cognitive benefits.

However, there are very few human trials on Apoaequorin. The majority of them showed no benefits compared to a placebo.

The only study which showed positive effects of Apoaequorin was funded by Prevagen’s company, Quincy Bioscience. For us, this blows the credibility of the study out of the water.

Ultimately, Prevagen only contains two ingredients. One of which is a vitamin you get from the sun, and the other isn’t proven to work. In other words, Prevagen is an ineffective supplement with misleading marketing claims.

Serving Sizes

Neuriva comes with a dosage of 1 capsule per day, ideally before bedtime. Each capsule provides you with 100mg of Coffee Fruit Extract and 100mg of Phosphatidylserine.

Prevagen also comes with a serving of 1 capsule per day. It doesn’t matter when you take it, according to the manufacturers. Each capsule of Prevagen supplies you with 10mg of Apoaequorin and 50mcg of vitamin D. That said, there’s an “extra strength” version of Prevagen available that offers 20mg of Apoaequorin. We’re not sure if this makes any difference as Apoaequorin isn’t shown to work.

Side Effects – Which Product is Safer?

The good side to both products is that they’re safe.

Neuriva and Prevagen use ingredients that aren’t known to cause any issues in humans, even though some of these ingredients may not work.

The doses of ingredients in both products are within safe limits, as well.

Cost & Where to Buy?

You can buy Neuriva on multiple websites as well as in physical stores. Including Amazon, Walmart, Walgreens and other popular stores. Neuriva ships worldwide.

Prevagen too can be bought in different stores, including the official website.

Prevagen vs Neuriva Plus

So far, we’ve compared original Neuriva and Prevagen. If you already aren’t aware, we’ve established that Neuriva is the better option, even though it doesn’t quite make it among the best brain supplements of today.

But what about Neuriva Plus? Is it too better than Prevagen?

It definitely is. In addition to Phosphatidylserine and Coffee Fruit Extract from, Neuriva Plus also has B vitamins which aren’t present in the original Neuriva formula. B vitamins contribute to energy and brain cell metabolism.

But while it’s a decent upgrade, Neuriva Plus is still far from a complete nootropic formula. It’s missing Lion’s Mane Mushroom, Citicoline, L-Tyrosine, Pine Bark Extract, and other proven natural cognitive enhancers. With these ingredients, it would be able to compete with more serious brain supplements currently on the market.

You can see our complete Neuriva Plus Review here.

Conclusion on Prevagen vs Neuriva

This concludes our Neuriva vs Prevagen comparison.

Which is ultimately better: Prevagen or Neuriva? In our eyes, Neuriva is the better option. It has Phosphatidylserine which is a proven brain health ingredient, along with coffee fruit extract which may aid brain cell health.

Despite being not as effective as some of the market’s highest-rated brain supplements, Neuriva is still better than Prevagen which only has vitamin D and Apoaequorin, the latter of which isn’t proven to work.

The post Prevagen vs Neuriva Comparison – Which is Better for Your Mind? appeared first on PDPPro.com.

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