Cosamin ASU Review – Does it Suck?

Cosamin ASU Review

Cosamin ASU Summarized


  • Uses glucosamine and chondroitin, great ingredients for joint and cartilage health
  • Could help alleviate joint pain and inflammation to some degree


  • Lacks core ingredients such as turmeric, selenium, bromelain, or MSM
  • Uses a proprietary blend
  • Won’t be drastically effective in treating joint problems
  • Slightly overpriced for the value it provides

Summary: Cosamin ASU is a dietary supplement intended to reduce joint aches, inflammation, and other problems associated with arthritis and intense workouts.

It uses some ingredients beneficial for overall joint and cartilage health, but there are many ingredients that are missing from the formula that would make the product far more effective.

Another thing that left us disappointed is a proprietary blend in the formula. That means that the doses of each particular ingredient in that blend are unknown. So, you can’t be sure how effective and safe these are going to be.

For the value it provides, we don’t think Cosamin ASU is worth the money. We’ve seen better joint supplements on the market.

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About Cosamin ASU

Cosamin ASU is a dietary supplement with the main focus on improving overall joint health. It comes in a form of capsules, with 90 capsules per container, enough to provide you with a one-month supply. Versions with 150 and 230 capsules are available as well.

There’s also a similar product on the market called Cosamin DS, but today we’ll focus on the ASU.

According to the manufacturer, Cosamin ASU should help you with:

  • Relieving joint pain and inflammation
  • Preventing cartilage breakdown and discomfort
  • Treating arthritis

But, does it really work? We’re about to find out. Let’s see which ingredients Cosamin ASU uses!

What’s Inside?

Cosamin ASU Ingredients

Each serving of Cosamin ASU Capsules (3 capsules) provides you with the following ingredients:

  • Glucosamine – 1500mg
  • Chondroitin Sulfate – 350mg
  • Proprietary Blend – 400mg (consisting of: Avocado/Soybean Unsaponifiables, Soy Protein Isolate, Natural Mixed Tocopherols, Boswellia serrata extract, Decaffeinated Green Tea Extract)

To start on a positive note, there are 2 ingredients in Cosamin ASU that are beneficial for joint and cartilage health; glucosamine and chondroitin. Both are well dosed in this supplement. According to Examine, glucosamine is beneficial in reducing joint aches and delaying the progression of osteoarthritis disease.

Glucosamine is the substance used to build cartilage, so this ingredient could prevent cartilage breakdown.

As for Chondroitin, it is found naturally in the human body. It’s essential for cartilage health. Chondroitin provides elasticity for cartilage by retaining water. According to some studies, this ingredient can alleviate joint pain as well.

However, we’ve got some bad news. Cosamin ASU uses a proprietary blend. That means that the dosage of every particular ingredient in that blend is unknown, therefore their effectiveness remains unknown. You can only see the combined dosage of all the ingredients, which is 400mg.

Also, the ingredients in the blend are not very beneficial for joint health long-term. They could help to a little extent, but nothing significant.

Our Thoughts on the Ingredients in Cosamin ASU

So, Cosamin ASU does come with some proper ingredients for joint and cartilage health. It could help you alleviate joint pain and stiffness in the long run to some degree. However, because of a proprietary blend in the formula, we can’t recommend this product.

We recommend avoiding supplements that use proprietary blends in general, because that could mean that the manufacturer is potentially hiding something from you.

Cosamin ASU lacks a lot of ingredients that would make it far more effective at treating arthritis and its symptoms. Some of these are turmeric, bromelain, MSM, and selenium.

All in all, this is far from the best joint product on the market.

Dosage Instructions (How to Take)

As for the dosage, the manufacturer recommends taking 3 Cosamin ASU capsules daily until relief is provided. You may divide them with meals, or take them all at once.

What do Others Say?

Cosamin ASU received mostly positive reviews on Amazon. However, not all users were satisfied with the product’s effectiveness. Here are some of the recent comments customers left on Amazon:

I’m not sure it’s working.
I’ll give this or similar product more time.
– Dennis

This really helps joint pain caused by osteoarthritis. It was recommended by my orthopedic surgeon. I’ve used it for several years now. – Amazon Customer

Purchased for husband. He cannot take them, they upset his stomach. Waste of money. – Amazon Customer

It didn’t work for me. – Margaret

What are the Negative Effects of Cosamin ASU?

Cosamin ASU shouldn’t cause any side effects if you follow the recommended dosage. However, always consult with your doctor before taking any supplement for the first time, especially if you’re sensitive, pregnant, have a condition, or if you’re taking medication.

Cost & Value

Cosamin ASU is unavailable on Amazon and on the official website. Alternatively, it is available in the Nutramax store for the price of $49.99 for 230 capsules, and $39.99 for 150 capsules. You could also purchase a 230-capsule version in Costco for the price of $47.99, and a 90-capsule option in Walgreens for $39.99

We think Cosamin ASU is slightly overpriced for the value it offers.

Cosamin ASU Review: The Bottom Line

All in all, Cosamin ASU could help you reduce some of the arthritis symptoms in the long run such as joint pain and stiffness. However, due to the lack of ingredients in the formula, and a proprietary blend, we can’t recommend this product. It’s slightly overpriced as well for the value it provides. We’ve seen superior alternatives on the market.

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