Best Carb Supplement for Weight Gain 2021

Best Carb Supplement - Performance Lab Carb by Opti Nutra

Discover the best carb supplement for weight gain 2021: Adding extra weight can increase strength, muscle mass, recovery, energy levels – and overall health and fitness.

While a large emphasis has been placed on weight loss, with lean physiques all over social media, how healthy is it really?

Most fitness athletes you see are below 5% body fat for men, and below 12% for women. These extreme low body fat levels aren’t sustainable or healthy for the body long term.

Extreme dieting can lead to reduced hormone production, damaged energy metabolism and nutrient deficiencies.

And it’s not just your health that can be at risk with low carb dieting, but your performance and day-to-day sense of well-being will also suffer. This is because carbs play an important role within a healthy lifestyle, affecting your mood, sleep cycle and concentration at work.

Carb supplements play a pivotal role in energy metabolism, nutrient delivery, hormone production, the healing of wounds, cognitive function, and many other processes required for optimum health and sports performance – including weight gain.

The Basics of Weight Gain

The simple equation for weight gain is to consume more calories than you’re currently using each day. This, over time, leads to weight gain. However, not all calories are created equal. And not all calories will have the same effect on your body.

While it may seem tempting to consume everything in sight in order to gain weight. This isn’t necessarily going to be the best thing for your health. This is because foods hold unique chemical structures and DNA of their own. So when you ingest foods, you’re also altering your body’s DNA. [1]

Quality vs Quantity: It’s important to choose a good quality carb supplement (and calorie sources) where possible in order to protect your health long-term. By eating quality foods and supplements, you’re giving your body better nutrients to feel more energized, mentally alert and hormonally balanced each day.


Carbs (4 calories per gram) help to shuttle more nutrients around your body, assisting in weight gain. Carbs are also vital for increasing weight by stimulating the release of insulin.

Insulin is a growth hormone, it sends any unused carbs to be stored directly as fat. Hence why carbs should play a pivotal role in any weight gain protocol. [2]


Proteins (4 calories per gram) are the building blocks of muscle. When you consume proteins, they get shuttled (assisted by carbs) into damaged muscles fibres for repair – allowing you to gain muscle at an enhanced rate.


Fats are the most calorie-dense macronutrient at 9 calories per gram. You’ll find fats in nuts, meats, seeds and egg yolks to name a few. Fats are also important for weight gain and hormonal health, especially when combined with vitamin D, a fat-soluble vitamin.

It’s fats that stimulate testosterone production (estrogen for women). Furthermore, when fats are combined with carbs, it makes for a very easy and convenient way to consume extra calories as they are very easy to consume together. For example, coconut oil and oats.

How Carb Supplements can help with Weight Gain

Faster Weight Gain

Carb supplements are a very convenient and fast way to gain weight. They offer a simple solution to those who may need, or find it difficult to add on extra weight necessary for health, or their sport.

This is because carb supplements get to work in a short space of time, being delivered into your bloodstream almost immediately where the sugars are absorbed into the muscles or stored as body fat.

Convenient Way to Gain Weight

Carb supplements are a convenient way to gain weight because they can be mixed to practically anything. From protein supplements to breakfast smoothies, even porridge for example, adding additional calories to your first meal of the day.

However, not all carb supplements will be suited for this combination with other foods. This is where some carb supplements are better than others for weight gain (more on this below). 

Measured Amounts

While this may be the first and most obvious reason, I believe it’s a very good point to mention because a measured and steady approach to weight gain can prevent future health problems.

This is why using a good quality carb supplement can be useful, as it’s easy to measure your daily doses alongside a healthy diet – making sure you’re gaining weight at the appropriate rate.

Quality Nutrition

Again, not all supplements are created equal, which is why I’ll discuss this below in more detail. But just to highlight the positive effects on weight gain with a quality carb supplement.

Firstly, you’ll be supplying your body with minerals, micronutrients, wholefoods and even organic compounds in some cases.

And like I’ve mentioned previously, foods/supplements hold their own DNA. Therefore, when you ingest these supplements, you’re effectively altering your own DNA. This is why I recommend consuming quality where possible as opposed to supplementing with large amounts of poor quality products.

Best Carb Supplement for Weight Gain 2021

Now that we’ve run through how to gain weight using the steps above, which is the best carb supplement for weight gain this year?

The current best carb supplement for weight gain is Performance Lab Carb.

Performance Lab Carb will supply your body with essential minerals, high-quality carbohydrates, and organic ingredients for sustainable weight gain.

This is important because as we’ve discussed, supplements hold their own DNA. And when you take a quality carb supplement like Performance Lab Carb – you’re giving your body the best DNA currently available found in a carb supplement.

Performance Lab Carb Benefits For Weight Gain:

  • Gets to work faster than sugar – stimulates insulin release (the growth hormone) faster than simple table sugar or dextrose.
  • Sustains energy levels for 2 + hours – this is because it’s a mixture of simple and complex carb sources, which means no energy highs or lows.
  • Increases nutrient absorption – it’s able to pull nutrients from your intestines into your bloodstream, making it a smart choice for enhanced ‘nutrient pulling’.
  • Quality nutrition and improved health – Performance Lab Carb contains the best (scientifically proven) ingredients for improved weight gain, energy levels and health, compared to other carb supplements on the market.
Performance Lab Carb Ingredients Label and Nutrition Facts

What’s Inside?

The main ingredient inside Performance Lab Carb is Karbolyn® which is a ‘state of the art’ carb formula made using potato, corn and rice starch.

What makes this key ingredient so special? Karbolyn has been shown to digest faster than sugar or dextrose while pulling nutrients as it passes through the digestive tract.

Also, due to being a homopolysaccharide (relatively complex carb), it’s able to balance blood sugar levels. This helps to sustain energy for much longer than simple carb supplements.

You’ll also find minerals such as Himalayan salt, potassium from coconut crystals, and even organic cinnamon and cocoa – which have been shown to increase energy levels, nutrient delivery and sustainable weight gain long-term. [3, 4]

How Much Does it Cost?

For a 1kg tub of Performance Lab Carb, it costs £49.00 ($60). For some, this may sound steep, but when you take a look at other carb supplements on the market and compare the quality, you can clearly see why Performance Lab Carb is the best.

If you’re thinking of using any other carb supplement, save your money!

Most other carb supplements are filled with cheap alternatives that mimic table sugar – mixed with synthetic additives, flavorings and fillers designed to give you calories, but zero nutritional value.

Buy Performance Lab Carb Here

Carb and Protein Combination

If you’re serious about gaining quality body-weight, including muscle mass. The combination of both carbs and proteins will get you there quicker.

This is where Performance Lab Organic Brown Rice Protein can help a lending hand.

Performance Lab Protein is 100% organic, it digests 30% faster than regular whey protein, and it contains minerals and natural flavourings, which means it not only tastes great, but it also works better than other protein supplements on the market.

It functions as a complete protein source, which means you’re ticking all the boxes for muscle and cellular growth. And it helps to curb hunger whilst boosting energy and performance simultaneously.

Take a look at my full review here of Performance Lab Brown Rice Protein Review. Or for more information and where to buy visit (at £49.00/$59 per 600g).


For a way to gain weight, it’s easy to reach for ‘bad carbs’ such as ice cream filled with sugars and hydrogenated fats (the worst kind). However, by doing this, it could lead to serious health complications later down the line.

Instead, by taking advantage of the slow-release energy from using quality supplements like Performance Lab Carb, keeps you going for hours without the crash. It’s easy to digest and it gets to work almost immediately.

You can mix it with a protein supplement like Performance Lab Organic Rice Protein, and even oatmeal or smoothies for an extra kick in the morning.

One final point I’ll mention here is that when looking to gain weight, it’s easy to grab the nearest food or cheapest supplement in the hope to pack on additional body-mass.

However, this can not only cause health issues as previously mentioned. But it can also cause negative effects instantly. Such as bloating, gas, brain fog, irritability, and dizziness to name a few – this is why I’ll always reach for quality where possible just like Performance Lab Products.

Finally, should you choose Performance Lab Carb over another supplement?

Personally, I like to use Performance Lab Carb when I’m gaining weight or fuelling my workouts as I trust Performance Lab Carb to be the best carbohydrate supplement on the market. It really is state-of-the-art! If you don’t trust me, I urge you to take a look at their science-based supplement website and judge for yourself –

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