OUR REVIEW: Alani Nu Pre-Workout – Does it Really Work? (2024)

Alani Nu Pre-Workout Review

If you struggle to stay consistent with your exercise regime after a long day, you won’t be alone.

Many people need an extra kick to get them through their days nowadays, and workouts are no exception. After all, this is one of the reasons why fitness supplements are so popular.

Alani Nu is a relatively new pre-workout, a fledgling you could say, launched by the social media model, Katy Hearn. There is not a lot of information on what the “Alani Nu” name means; it looks like the inspiration for it is a secret.

Marketed mostly towards women, Alani Nu Pre-Workout claims to give you that boost needed to help you reach your gym targets and feel good in the process. But like all supplements, they may not always work as advertised.

In our experience, Alani Nu is no exception to this.

If you are interested to find out if this pre-workout is worth the money, we start with a brief summary, followed by our team’s in-depth inspection.

Let’s check it out.

Alani Nu Pre-Workout Review at a Glance


  • Enhances energy
  • Supports circulation
  • Promotes strength
  • 5+ great flavor options


  • Formula is not unique
  • Missing some core ingredients
  • Caffeine dosage might be too high for some
  • Uses the synthetic sweetener Sucralose


Alani Nu Pre-Workout is a promising supplement, which includes some proven and effective ingredients. You should feel a good energy boost from this pre-workout powder.

That said, it is not the best one we’ve seen.

Although it doesn’t leave any weird or artificial aftertaste, we’ve found it to be sub-par in both the quality and effectiveness when compared to other market-leading pre-workouts.

It is a shame that Alani Nu decided to omit evidenced, and more powerful compounds such as Theobromine and Alpha GPC.

What do we recommend?

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About Alani Nu Pre-Workout

Alani Nu Pre-Workout is a powdered pre-workout enhancer drink. It claims to boost your workout endurance and energy levels. It is a part of a wide range of Alani Nu sports supplements created by the well-known fitness influencer Katy Hearn.

People often ask, does Alani Nu Pre-Workout come with a scoop? The answer is yes. Each serving is 1 scoop, so it will last you a whole month if you work out every day.

All Alani Nu products look feminine with pastel colors marketed to women. Alani Nu Pre-Workout comes in 5+ sweet fruit flavors, innovatively named after different tropical locations and after some objects in the universe!

You are promised that the Alani Nu Pre Workout contains no fillers or pointless ingredients, but the only way to know for sure is to check it for ourselves.

Let’s take a closer look.

Alani Nu Pre-Workout Review Key Facts

BenefitsImproves energy, boosts endurance, extends workout performance
FlavorsCosmic Stardust, Hawaiian Shaved Ice, Island Crush, Breezeberry, Rainbow Candy,…
IngredientsCaffeine, Beta-Alanine, Citrulline, Theanine, Tyrosine
CompanyAlani Nu
AvailabilityAmazon, Walmart, GNC, Alani Nu
Pricing$39.99/tub (30 servings)

How to use Alani Nu Pre-Workout

Alani Nu Pre-Workout dosage directions are to take half a scoop with 6-8oz of water and drink 30 minutes before your workout.

Once you’ve assessed your tolerance and reaction to Alani Nu Pre-Workout, you can safely increase the dose to one full scoop.

Alani Nu Pre-Workout Ingredients

Here are the ingredients in Alani Nu Pre-Workout:

  • L-Citrulline Malate 2:1 – 6g
  • Beta-Alanine – 1.6g
  • L-Tyrosine – 50mg
  • Caffeine – 200mg
  • L-Theanine – 200mg

As shown on the label:

Alani Nu Pre-Workout Ingredients

Alani Nu Pre-Workout looks like a solid pre-workout formula. We get all the basic, fundamental ingredients you would expect from a supplement for enhancing exercise and muscle performance. While L-Tyrosine, Beta-Alanine, and Caffeine work to boost your overall performance, the likes of L-Citrulline contribute to fuller muscle pumps. L-Theanine, meanwhile, works in the background to offset any negative side effects from caffeine such as jitters or anxiety (detailed ingredient breakdown below).

That said, there are a couple of downsides with Alani Nu Pre-Workout in our experience. For one, the formula is rather slim. There are quite a few ingredients commonly found in the top pre-workouts on the market that Alani Nu Pre-Workout hasn’t included – and we’re not quite sure why. The ingredients missing include taurine, Alpha GPC, Betaine, and Theobromine just to name a few.

As you probably noticed, Alani Nu Pre-Workout also has some inactive ingredients, one of which is “Sucralose”. This is an artificial sweetener that some people will not find all that great in a pre-workout supplement. The reason is, Sucralose is shown in some studies to have a negative effect on our gut bacteria as well as brain function. While the jury is still out on whether Scuralose really is harmful or not (and at which doses), we do lean on the side of naturally flavored pre-workout supplements. There really is no need to use synthetic ingredients today.

Alright, let’s take a closer look at the ingredients in Alani Nu Pre-Workout. Let’s see what they do – and if they are dosed correctly.TUUUUOO

L-Citrulline Malate 2:1

L-Citrulline is a type of amino acid that is non-essential. This means that your body produces enough of it on its own without a need for food or supplement sources.

However, supplementing with higher doses of L-Citrulline is shown to have a wealth of benefits when it comes to boosting your workout performance. It is highly effective at increasing your endurance under physical stress.

For example, a clinical trial found that consuming L-citrulline before lifting weights doubled the number of repetitions the participants could complete before getting fatigued. Their recovery was also faster, with less muscle soreness post-workout.

Perhaps an even more well-known benefit of L-citrulline is its ability to improve your circulation, resulting in that toned and defined look when you work out.


Beta-Alanine is another amino acid. This one converts in your body into another compound known as “carnosine.”

Carnosine, in turn, reduces lactic acid levels within your muscles, allowing you to elevate the pain threshold and extend the amount of time you can perform an exercise before reaching exhaustion.

It can cause a harmless side effect of tingling throughout the body, but this is not harmful not dangerous long-term. Still, this tingly sensation can be distracting to some users. Because of this, some people prefer pre-workouts without Beta-Alanine.


Here we have another amino acid- L-Tyrosine is beneficial less to your body, but more to your mind.

It is a fundamental building block of important brain chemicals – neurotransmitters that play a key role in our mood and ability to concentrate. L-Tyrosine can therefore improve your focus and attention, even when you’ve had a difficult day and are feeling the strain when doing those squats.


Caffeine is a typical ingredient in sports supplements – and for good reason. This legal performance enhancer not only boosts your energy levels but also ramps up your power output and endurance – making your reps feel easier.


L-Theanine is yet another amino acid in Alani Nu Pre-Workout. Not that it’s a bad thing! L-Theanine is actually a great addition to the pre-workout because it has a calming effect on the brain. In doing so, it helps to stabilize and smoothen any side effects that those 200mg of caffeine could give you.

Our Verdict on Alani Nu Pre-Workout’s Ingredients

Of course, the foundation of any supplement is the ingredient formula. Having fancy packaging and enticing claims is all well and good; but if the formula doesn’t hold up, it’s a waste of time and money.

Luckily, Alani Nu Pre-Workout looks like a decent pre-workout for both women and men, but it is missing quite a few ingredients to be able to compete with the leading pre-workouts on the market. It also uses an artificial sweetener which is a thumbs down from us.

Customer Reviews

Alani Nu reviews on Amazon, Walmart, and GNC are generally positive regarding the energy boost they felt from this supplement.

There were also some negative reviews, mostly when it comes to the powder clumping, which is due to a low-quality L-citrulline.

This is sad, but not rare with pre-workout supplements. L-Citrulline, in general, is sensitive to moisture, so you should make sure to keep your tub in a dry place.

If you still experience any clumping, it isn’t the worst thing in the world. Simply break up the lumps with a fork and continue using as normal. The effects of Alani Nu Pre-Workout will not be reduced because of clumping.

Does Alani Nu Pre-Workout Have Side Effects?

All with any supplement, there are some risks to be aware of. Main among these will be symptoms linked to the ingestion of caffeine. Many people tend to feel jittery if they consume high quantities of caffeine, but this becomes more serious if you have a sensitivity to stimulants.

Alani Nu has 200mg of caffeine per scoop. At this dosage, there is a chance that you may get palpitations, dizziness, headaches, insomnia, and anxiety episodes if you are not used to this dosage.

Furthermore, Alani Nu warns users that they may experience paresthesia after consumption. This is a harmless side effect of beta-alanine that manifests as a tingly sensation and nothing to worry about.

In regards to the Alani Nu Balance and Alani Nu BCAA review, some users said they found these worked well together with Alani Nu pre-workout.

*You should check with a qualified professional if you aren’t sure whether to take this product or not. Remember, our posts aren’t meant as advice – they’re for informational and entertainment purposes only!

Where to Buy?

Alani Nu Pre-Workout sells on its official website as well as on Amazon, Walmart, and GNC amongst others. It is a budget-friendly formula, targeting the lower-to-mid end of the market. A tub of Alani Nu will cost you $39.99 for a month’s supply. This price can go down by 5% if you choose to subscribe to recurring delivery and automatized credit card charges for the product.

When you consider it has a month’s worth of servings if you work out every day, it is quite affordable. If you’re lucky, you might sometimes stumble upon an Alani Nu coupon code online, which drops the price even further down; making it a solid value for money.

The Bottom Line

At $39 for a 30-day supply at Alani Nu, this pre-workout supplement is unlikely to drain your wallet too much. The ingredients are decent but not original. You can expect to feel a boost in your stamina and energy as a result of caffeine in this supplement.

There is research to back up the benefits of other ingredients in Alani Nu Pre-workout, even if the formula is missing a few of the best natural ingredients.

Coupled with the fact that it uses a synthetic sweetener, Alani Nu looks like an “OK” pre-workout, which could get you going on those days when you are tired.

If you really want the best boost, including an all-around performance enhancement, there are other products on the market which contain never and more effective ingredients. These supplements may cost a little more, but the results you will receive in the long run could be worth it.

Best Alani Nu Pre-Workout Alternative?

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